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Customer Service

No description

Garthlee Garrovillas

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Customer Service

Customer Service

Online Service
Merchants should never overlook direct engagement with online shoppers even though customers can find their own solution.
Customer Experience
Tips on customer service
Train entire workforce
Teach employees to offer solutions
Remind employees that customers are the reason for work
Teach basic etiquette
Telephone Service
Developing good telephone manners also reflect well on you and your organization or company,Here are some successful practices when dealing with customers on the phone, and making your telephone a productive efficient work tool.
How to Improve
Importance of Customer Service for Business
It will create a good public image
Without customers there would be no business.
Customer loyalty develops as customers feel a connection with a company.

Telephone Service
1. Online customer service should not just be reactive.

2. Real-time one-to-one assistance, such as live chat might be desired for critical moments.
i.e- specific questions, problem with purchase after receiving.
1) Be helpful
Being available does not equal being helpful.
2) Be honest
If a mistake is made, admit error. Be transparent.
3) Be an expert
Be current on latest products and services.
Tips Cont'd...
Customer service is important to an organization because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company.
Customer service is also important to an organization because it can help differentiate a company from it competitors
A company with excellent customer service is more likely to get repeat business from customers.
Reactive Approach
Provides customer service react to the customers needs.
Proactive Approach
A customer service anticipates them and actively reaches out to the customer to address any specific needs.
Answer promptly and courteously
Try to answer the phone on the first or second ring if possible.And even they can see, always smile.
Identify yourself immediately
In answering your telephone or also someone else's, provide your name, title or affliction, and a greeting. Force yourself to speak clearly and slowly. Remember that the caller may be unfamiliar with what you are saying and fail to recognize slurred syllables
If you are on a support role, be sympathetic to your callers' needs and show that you understand their situation. Instead of
I don't knows
, try:
That is a good question; let me find out
. Or
we can't do that
, say
That is a tough one; lets see what we can do
. Avoid
at the beginning of a sentence. Its sounds abrasive and displeasing because it suggest rejection.
Take Messages Carefully
Few things are as frustrating as receiving a potentially important phone message that is unreadable. Dont hesitate to repeat spellings of names and verify telephone numbers. Write messages clearly and record their time and date. Promise to give the message to intended recipients, but dont guarantee return calls.
What is one way to improve customer service online?
What are 2 ways of approaching
a customer?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Customer experience is important in business. Customers are the consumers of a business' product or service, driving the sales that push the company toward growth.
Ask Yourself What Customers Might Need
Some might want an immediate response: implement live chat.

Don't Get in their Way
Empower Your Entire Team
4) Over-deliver
Customer service-more than just a reply.
Offer additional gifts, upgrade shipping,etc
5) Offer Easy Returns
Ease return process
Better pre-sale support
6) Keep it Simple
Make critical info easy to find
Keep website up to date.
as customer service"
In the form of documentation, FAQs, best practices tips, video tutorials.
i.e- WooThemes
-Ingrain a customer-centric culture into employees.
-Have every employee do support.
-Give authority to employees to make decisions.
Be responsive and helpful
Leave the line respectfully
If you have to put a caller on hold give them and estimate of how long they will be hold and if its for a long period of time, check back periodically so the caller doesn't think they have been forgotten or call has be disconnected
Explain what you are doing when transferring calls
Give a reason for transferring, and identify the extension to which you are directing the call in case the caller is disconnected
What should you aviod saying to your guest so that they dont feel abrasive and displeasing?
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