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Change Project [Amoeba proteus]

David Jiang

David J

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Change Project [Amoeba proteus]

The Amoeba Proteus
Change Project Group! David Jiang, Shanel Xian, Devika Sagar, Farhaan Hirani Our topic: Printer Cartridge Recycling! Why? Because Devika's dad has a printer cartridge recycling company and told us about the harm that used printer cartridges cause the environment once we told him we were looking for a change project topic. After being informed by her dad, we decided to choose this topic because it was very meaningful to us. Chan P.3
O'Connor P.4 Our service! We went door-to-door to raise
awarenessa bout the need to
recycle used printer cartridges because they can harm the environment. After that, we organized them in Devika's garage, coutned them, and took them to the recycling facility.l thE pROBLEM? Our group posing by the cartridges we collected Ringing the doorbell! wHAT DID WE DO TO HELP? To help the environment and prevent further damage, we went around our neighborhoods and collected our neighbors' used printer cartridges so we could recycle them. We donated the money we earned from recycling cartridges to WWF, a wildlife preservation foundation. Improperly disposed printer cartridges can harm the environment when the chemicals in the ink and toner leak into the environment. These toxic chemicals can end up in the water, air, and in animals' food. Our development 1. The change project helped all the members of our group gain valuable knowledge about the harm used printer cartridges can cause to the environment.

2. We learned how to productively work as a team and how to cooperatively finish assignments. Our Change Project Website! Our Group Farhaan Shanel David Devika What We Learned... Through change project, our whole group learned that the environment is a valuable place and that if we don't do something to protect it, there will be problems in the future. Change project helped us make a change in our neighborhoods by raising awareness about the pollution that printer cartridges cause to the environment and wildlife. A Graph To Show Our Progress Front Page Powerpoint Total Cartridges: 168 Toner Cartridges: 19
Inkjet Cartridges: 149
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