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Fragments & Run-ons

No description

Ari Kaplan

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Fragments & Run-ons

Getting Rid of Fragments & Run-ons
Making Your Sentences SHINE!
Let's Practice!
Work with your neighbor to make these run-ons make sense!
(Write your responses on your worksheet)
Let's Practice
Now eliminate the fragments and run-ons from the following paragraph on your own!
Putting It All Together
What are these "fragments" you speak of?
A little bit about fragments...
The opposite of a fragment is a run-on sentence.
What is a run-on sentence?
Ms. Kaplan
Here are a few more examples...
FACT: Run-on sentences are NOT always long
So how do you get rid of a run-on?
Okay, you get the point...but wait, there's a catch!
How can I fix a fragment?
...or try these options
Work with your neighbor to make these fragments into complete sentences
on your worksheet!
1. I love all animals. Especially penguins and polar bears.

2. My sister stayed awake all night. Because she is afraid of the dark.

3. The little boy saved his allowance. To buy a razor scooter.

4. I ordered a pizza with all the toppings. Except anchovies.

5. Since I go to Watertown Middle School. I know how raise money for Pennies for Patients.
1. My mom made me do the dishes I wished I could play outside with my friends instead.

2. I followed the recipe the cake turned out perfectly.

3. The lifeguard was really paying attention he saved the elderly woman calling for help.

4. Henry played piano at the party he learned to play when he was very young.

5. I turned on the computer I saw that I had 500 emails in my inbox.
The Aztecs ruled a mighty empire in Mexico. During the 1400s and 1500s. The Aztecs had an advanced civilization they built cities as big as any in Europe. The Aztecs built a huge city. On an island in a lake. It had a population of one hundred thousand people can you imagine what a bustling place it must have been. The Aztecs also conquered other cities in Mexico. The conquered people sent food as a tribute to the Aztec rulers they also provided gold and silver.

The main food the Aztecs ate was a thin cornmeal pancake called a tlaxcalli. In Spanish, this food is called a tortilla the Aztecs wrapped these pancakes around meat and vegetables to make tacos. They created a drink made with chocolate that was delicious. This was one of their favorite drinks only the wealthy could afford it often. Foods developed by the Aztecs have become popular all over the world now people in many different countries enjoy them.

(adapted from Anderson, "Grammar Worksheet: Chapter 1 Lesson 10")
Rewrite this paragraph without the fragments and run-ons
on your worksheet.
Works Cited
(Preciado & Montijo)
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