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NCAA College World Series

Joel Longbons, Kristen Render, Kristina Holme, Michelle Polka

Kristina Holme

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of NCAA College World Series

NCAA College World Series
By: Joel Longbons, Kristin Render, Kristina Holme, Michelle Polka History 1947: "The Road to Omaha” debuted in Kalamazoo

1948: Moved to Wichita

1950: Permanently settled in Omaha’s Municipal Stadium (presently renamed Rosenblatt Stadium)

Purpose & Goals The World Series of Omaha, Incorporated’s goal is to keep the games in Omaha.

Measures taken to keep the games in Omaha include continual stadium updates and construction of a new ballpark.

World Series of Omaha Inc. purpose is to promote the College World Series as a unique baseball pilgrimage all baseball fans should experience.

The organization has neglected its larger market.
Keeping the CWS in Omaha

Marketing Strategies Penetration Strategy
Focus: Family interaction!
Market Development Strategy Product Development Strategy
Local families
Fan base of teams participating in event Who are the customers? Target Market Locals from Omaha
especially families
Fans of participating teams
Baseball fans who enjoy the college level

Market Details Fans are looking for very family-oriented entertainment
Local fans are extremely loyal
Problems Fail to grab attention of Northern States
Overallnational attention is low
Very strict sponsorships Marketing Goals Residence of non-Nebraska CWS season ticket holders
Reach a larger target market including Northern states while keeping the home-town feel.
"Road to Omaha" saying known nationally
Increase advertising to raise national awareness
Maintain loyalty among locals
Take advantage of social media opportunities
Continue to target young families and strengthen their loyalty

Find a way to get college students to come to other teams’ games in addition to their own college’s games.

Increase customer loyalty through promotions and events at the CWS
Target Marketing Goals & Objectives Residence of 2003 CWS Visitors Budget SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Goss & Associates Goss & Associates Average Ticket price Up 5.4 percent in MLB. Yankees/Mets Skew Total. (2009, April 02). The Biz of Baseball.com. http://www.bizofbaseball.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3147:average-ticket-price-up-54-percent-in-mlb-yankeesmets-skew-total&catid=56:ticket-watch&Itemid=136

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