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Examples of irony in 3 sort stories, and a good definition.

Hunter McDonald

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Irony

Dramatic Irony 3 Types Of Irony The Tell Tale Heart The Monkey's Paw The Hitchhiker The first example of irony in The Monkey's Paw
is that the old couple was thought to receive
200 pounds to pay off their house to have a
happy debt-free life. In the end the complete
opposite occurred. Their son died and they
became miserable they got their money,but in a completely different way than expected. Situational Irony One example of irony would be when the policemen were in his house he thought that everyone could hear the heartbeat, and that the policemen were just ignoring it. In reality, it was really him going insane. The Tell-Tale Heart Another example would be at the end of the story when the man though the would get away with murder. But actually he got to annoyed of the heartbeat that he just confessed to the murder of the old man. Verbal Irony Situational Irony Verbal Irony Dramatic Irony Most common type
When someone says the opposite of what they mean
Verbal irony includes understatements, overstatements, and sarcasm. Understatements When a person minimizes the nature of something Overstatements When a person exaggerates something. When something is different from what something sensibly should be, will be, or already is This type usually exposes injustice When a character says something they believe to be true but the reader knows it isn't true
The reader's prior knowledge helps create dramatic irony Verbal Calling a large person "Tiny" Situational If someone gets shot but something gets in the way of the bullet and they live Dramatic Someone who believes in unicorns The Tell-Tale Heart The last example is that he just had a disease that sharpened his sense and gave him an cute sense of hearing. When really he was completely mad. The first example of irony in The Hitchhiker is how his mother told him not to pick up any hitchhikers,but he picked up a girl later on in the story. The girl gets very scared and runs out of the car. She thinks Ronald is crazy and this doesnt really help his self-esteem because she calls him crazy and he is trying to stay sane. The Hitchhiker The second example of irony in The Hitchhiker is how Ronald had the important goal to get to California, but he can't get there because he is dead. He thinks that all of his problems are going to be fixed and he can call his mom in California. But he can't do that either because he is still dead. The Hitchhiker The last example i have is how in reality, the hitchhiker was just death telling Ronald that it's time to cross over, and call it a life. The way Ronald is scared and he wants to kill the hitchhiker is, ironic seeing that the hitchhiker just wants to help Ronald and tell him that he is dead. The second example of irony in this short story
would be when the Sgt. talks about the paw,
and everything about it seems evil. But the old
man still took the paw into his possession. I didn't
expect this, but it was kind of strange because
it ended up killing their son. The Monkey's Paw The Monkey's Paw The last example of irony in The Monkey's Paw is the story itself. The family in the story has a good life, and they are good, honest, hardworking people. They have almost everything they need, but the power of the monkey's paw tempts them, which in turn, alters the fate which was already set in place for them. They loved their son so much, and were happy. They lost all of that for only 200 pounds. For the amount of love that they had for their son, the compensation money was no where close to the pain that they felt when they lost their son. The fact that they were going to be fine and that they could live with their son is very ironic seeing that because of 200 pounds, that was all thrown away. This concludes our presentation on irony. We all hope you enjoyed it, and learned something new today. Enjoy the rest of your classes and get a good education today! :)
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