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No description

Elyssa Tramley

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Dance

Types of dance
There are many types of dance - too many to list them ALL. Here are some popular Canadian examples :
Types of Dance I do
I do :
Days and Hours
Here is my weekly schedule:
And Many More....
-Hip Hop
-Jazz +Classical Jazz
-Checcetti ( Which is a type of ballet )
-Modern dancing
-Classical Ballet
-Monday's I have a half an hour of duet, two hours of Ballet and an hour of tap.
-Wednesday's I have two hours of Ballet and one hour of Pointe.
-Thursday's, I do one hour of Checcetti.
-Sunday's, I do one hour of acro, one hour of musical theatre, two hours of jazz and one hour of tap.
This is my eighth year in dance and my third year as part of the Competitive dance team. Every year I attend three major competitions and one or two dance conventions. The competitions are called Candance, ADA ( American Dance Awards ) and Shine. They are normally in Montreal and Gatineau. We also have the opportunity to attend additional optional competitions. Some routines with very high scores may qualify fot the National Championships.

Who Invented Dance
Dance was not invented by any one person in paticular. It was developped by different cultures in different ways and forms. Tribes would dance for entertainment and fun. The first discovery of dance was an Egyptian tomb.
-Irish Dancing
Scoring System
This year in the competition Candance we earned a Diamond in our Jazz number, and a Platinum for our Tap, Ballet,Musical Theatre and my Duet. We got rewarded with the Most Memorable routine for Ballet, two first place overalls for Jazz. We also got to compete in the Diamond Dance-Off for Jazz.
A.D.A.P.T Exams
Each year we have an exam called
an A.D.A.P.T exam. It's evaluated by
two judges every year. One tells us which exercise to do and one writes corrections. They mark us from our technique and performance. The highest score you can get is the highly commended plus then the one under that is a highly commended then a commended plus followed by a commended then a plus . This year I got a Highly Commended plus for Jazz and a Commended Plus for Tap. here is a picture of the medal I earned for the Jazz exam:
Judges give our performances a score. If we recieve 95-100 we are rewarded diamond and have the chance to compete at the diamond dance-off with all styles of dance. A diamond result would also guarantee a routine a spot at Nationals in July. A score of 90-94 is rewarded a Platinum. A score of 80-89 is rewarded a gold. A score of 70-79 is a silver. They also give out specialty rewards for special features that make a great impression. For example my Duet was honoured with one called Dynamic Duo because it was action packed and full of energy and expression.
Sheila Parkins School of Dance
I dance at a school called Sheila Parkins School of Dance. I've been dancing there since I was three years old. I love it because they push you to try new things and learn lots. I even learn French there because a lot of Ballet terms are french like; Grand-jeté, Plié, Tendu, Relevé and sauté and many more. I love dance because it lets you be free and express your feelings. Also we get to hear popular music, classic music and all different types of music.
My Routines
This year I do six routines with different styles of music:
-My Duet has the music to: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Miley Cyrus
-My Jazz has the music to Devil In A Blue Dress
-My Tap has the music to Hot Hot Hot and a mix of different beach music
-My Ballet is a classical piece but in my Ballet number we are racoons.
-My Musical Theathre is to the movie " Matilda " and from the movie we used the song Revolting Children.
-My acro was not in competitions this year but it will be next year we are working this year on the dance for next year which is to We Got The Beat.
In total I do twelve and a thirty minutes in a week.
For ADA we got a Diamond for Jazz and Plantinum for the rest. We got two first place overalls for Jazz. We also got excepted to Nationals in Boston for Jazz.
For Shine we earned a Diamond in Jazz and Tap and Platinum in Ballet, Musical Theatre and my Duet. We got first overall high score for tap twice and second overall for Jazz, first overall in Musical theatre category of the whole competition and first overall in duet. We got a special reward for my Duet, Tap and Musical Theatre. We also were rewarded to go to another Nationals for Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre and my Duet.
At the end of the year of dance in June the whole school of Sheila Parkins recreational classes and competitive classes put on a show for Family, Relatives and friends to come watch the exciting show of around 30 performances in each show. The groups perform what they've been working on the whole year. We hold it at the school "Pierrefonds Comprehensive" in their auditorium. There are six shows in all and I'm participating in four of them. I'm dancing on the sixth, seventh and eighth of June.
In August we have an auditioning camp to decide what group we are on the following year and if we deserve a solo, duet, trio or a Quartet. On the third day of camp we normally find out which team we are on and if we got a specialty routine.
After the two weeks of camp we start the season of dance right away.
In the month of October we start getting ready for the A.D.A.P.T. exam. The A.D.A.P.T. exam always takes place at the end of the month of January.
After that we pratice so hard for all the competitions coming up.
After we finish all of the competitions we get ready for the end of year show.
At the end we finish off with a Checcetti Exam.
The End of It All
The Summary
Checcetti Exam
Since last year we have been taught how to do Checcetti. Checcetti is the exact same thing as ballet but we do easier exercises to get more technique.
So far I've only had one Checcetti Exam and it was a lot of fun! The highest score is honour roll then the second highest is Highly Commended then Commended and the lowest which is Plus.
Last year I earned an Honour Roll. This year it takes place on June fifteenth or sixteenth they only decide in the first week of June. .
This is how it works two people go in at a time and do all the exercises in front of the judges for about 20 minutes. We usually find out the results at the start of the next season of dance.
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