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Global Civilization: Scrubland

No description

Michael Folina

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Global Civilization: Scrubland

Global Civilization: Scrubland
by Michael Folina, Jimmy Sfugaras
and Ben Conklin
The people of Scrubland ( the Scrubanese ) are very unique when it comes to their geography and their choices as to where they live. Our Scrubanese chose to construct their civilization within the trees. They usually construct their houses within trees near or in a swamp. All houses and other structures are elevated in/on the trees for safety.
Basic Features of a Civilization
Organized Government
-Complex Religions
-Job Specialization
-Social Classes
-Arts and Architecture
-Public Works
The Scrubanese are named after their three wise men; Michael, Ben, and Jimmy, who founded and made Scrubland into a major world power.
The Scrubanese construct their villages within trees for safety reasons. The villages are built around swamps because it attracts animals to eat. It also provides the people with water for crops.
The Scrubanes had come up with a very unigue and elaborate form of civilization. Their cities were constructed within trees. Trees are supports for homes or other important structures. Structures like storage, a market, a grainery, a forge, etc. All structures are connected by bridges and platforms. These structures are mostly if not completely made of wood, leaves, and other plant-like materials. These cities grow for what is needed. Our city is very simple compared to others. The only things that don't take place on the trees is the wheat and Scrubcorn crops.
Due to the simplicity of our City Scrubland, there are very few job specializations. The most important jobs are things like farming, wood chopping, protectors/policemen, bakers, architects, construction workers, traders, and the leader, Pelbanic. They are all things that are needed in a stationary civilization like Scrubland.
Job Specialization
Law Enforcement
The people of Scrubland are monotheistic. They believe in Plantism. Plants are our gods, They lead us through our agricultural problems. Since our city's diet is mainly the crops that we grow and leg of goat from DSG Land, we worship plants. We do this so that our crops will flourish as much as possible.
Our God:
Planty McPlantalot
Organized Government
The Scrubanese live under a very simple monarchy. The ruler of Scrubland, Pelbantic, is very strict and aggressive. He rules with no other, and there is no other support or group that helps him. All that is said by Pelbantic is followed no matter what. Our city is pretty much a communist city because Pelbantic controls and regulates everything.
Public Works
Pelbantic is a very productive and very imaginative. He is always coming up with new ideas to benefit the city. Very often he orders for the construction of new farms as well as storage units. He also orders for the bridges and platforms to be constructed. Pelbantic also tends to order the workers to build better defenses like walls, weapons, and traps.
Social Classes
Scrubland is a somewhat fair city. Most people are commoners and workers who form the middle class. Below the middle class there are slaves who have committed crimes against Scrubland and her people. The only person who is in the highest part of society is the leader Pelbantic. This decreases anger, rage, and other internal problems because Pelbantic does so much for the city. In return most of the middle class believe that it is fair to allow him to be given the upper hand in society.
Arts & Architecture
All of the people of Scrubland one way or another are taught how to sculpt. These sculptures are based of of real beings, or the plantlike gods in which they believe in. some others have a little bit more skill, and use this skill to carve drawings in wood. Along with these drawings schematics for structures were created. These architects are the people who come up with many if not all of the structures in Scrubland.
The Scrubanese tend to use a lot of body language , movement, and hand signs. They have also created their own language. It is called Scrubbish. It is the dominate form of communication and writing within Scrubland. Their language is very simple. All you do is add "sh" to the end of all the letters of the alphabet. If it is a vowel you just add "sh", if its a consonant you add "(a random vowel) and sh". Their language is used in all of their ancient writings. All books, papers and other written records are in Scrubbish.
and Workers

Our Leader:
Justin Beibers
One of the many Public Work
Projects that took 40 years to make
One Great Scrubbish
Sculpture made by Leonardo Da Planty

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay at the
Civilization of Scrubland and Enjoyed all the
Beautiful Sights.
The Capitol City:
The Major City:
Scrub York City
The Finest Axe in
Yali Tribute
"I LOVE watching Birds!"
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