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my supercalafrajalisticexpealadotcious music history slideshow!

music history rap

charlotte irvin

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of my supercalafrajalisticexpealadotcious music history slideshow!


history rap from 1600-1750 the
ba-roque style sure was mighty pretty. highly ornamental with arpeggias and trills, counterpoint harmonies gave listeners a thrill monteveri handell, J.S. Bach wrote fine music which was definatley top notch! J.S.Bach *was born in germany
*had 20 kids from two marraiges
*created fugues, that were among the finest ever written
*was a superb organist
*belongs to a lutheran church
* his longest appointment
was as music director to the church and school of ST. Thomas in Leipzig fugue in G minor classical romantic now in 1750 there came a new style it was called classical and lasted quite a while a form sullable to mozart and hadyn. Filled with simplicity, logic, and refinment! Order balance polite formality .The classical period was filled with harmony! mozart pierluigi da palestrina * born in palestrina(which is near rome)
*was appointed palestrina musical director of the Julian Chapel
* he was classical
*it has not been proven when he was born *was 13 years old when he wrote his first opera
*mozart was friends with another musician called Franz Joseph Haydn
*Requiem means a mass for the dead
*his first composition at age 8 was by the harpsichord
*he was a child prodegy Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
*his true source of music was nature
*the loves of his life are music and nature
*he was not a very nice person
* he became deaf in his late 20's
* was a child prodigy Ludwig van Beethoven Now in 1825, The romantics came alive-in a free and emotional style. The orchestras were big and they did not care a fig if they broke the rules of form once in a while! Liszr, Brahms, Wagner, tch-aikovsky and Smerana. Loved huge orchestras the bigger the better *russian composer
*composed ballets such as:
1) The Nutcracker
2) Swan Lake
3) Sleeping Beauty
*dance of the flutes (between classical and romantic) Franz Peter Schubert *was exceptionally talented at a very young age
*given instruction in violin, piano, organ, and singing
* wrote a verry popular song called Erlking when he was 18
*did not have alot of money, he lived off his friends
*his songs were genious but sold for very cheap because he was in poverty and people took advantage of him
* lived a very short life
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