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Dusty Dawson

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Ethos-pathos-logos

Ethos is the ongoing establishment of a writers or speakers authority, credibility, and believability as he/she speaks or writes.
Ethics and credibilty
Ethos appeals to ethics and character. Ethos seeks to persuade the reader that the writer/speaker can be trusted and believed due to his/her noble character or ethical ways in which he/she is presenting ideas.
Superman uses ethos
supermans noble character persuades the reader that if he has strong bones from drinking milk if they drink milk their bones will be strong like his. superman uses tentative language in the way that he is an authoritive figure
Do wat i do im superman
the use of emotion and affect to persuade. pathos appeals to the heart and to ones emotions.
pathos seeks to persuade the reader emotionally .
Commercials use pathos
this picture is a part of a commercial that grabs the viewers attention by using their emotions. the picture has starving children reaching their hand out for help making the viewer respond by feeling sad and wanting to help
what Emotion do you feel
The use of logic, rationality, and critical reasoning to persuade.
logos seeks to persuade the reader intelectually.
Newspaper ads use logos
this newspaper ad is an example of logos because they present their idea of guaranteed heat and cold fast and then give support below the idea that makes it a fact.
Logos use statistics
Ethos sources
ETHOS PICTURE:http://sites.psu.edu/rclrothenberger/wp-content/uploads/sites/6070/2013/10/got-milk-superman.jpeg

ETHOS DEFINITION AND REASONING: handout-identifying rhetorical strategies:logos,pathos,and ethos
Pathos sources
PATHOS PICTURE: http://factorysense.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/starving-child-5-340x230.jpg%3Fw%3D645

PATHOS DEFINITION AND REASONING: handout- identifying rhetorical strategies:logos,pathos,and ethos
Logos sources

LOGOS DIFINITION AND REASONING: handout- identifying rhetorical strategies:logos,pathos,and ethos
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