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The West

Essay , Due Febuary 8th , 2010

Paris Barnes

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of The West

There were many reasons for the dramatic change in mid 1800's.The Americans moving west became a huge problem for Native Americans. Manifest Destiny occurred when the Americans thought they had the right to take over the Native Americans land. The transcontinental railroad helped develop the Western Frontier in the US.

THE WEST In the mid 1800’s there was a dramatic change, many Americans were moving in to the west in hope for a better life. A huge part of this was the California Goldrush, there was a rumor floating around about gold being buried underground, Americans were in need or want of money to reconstruct their lifes. At time it was a wonderful opportinity for Americans but what we didn’t think about was what if anybody lived there? Well, Native Americans did they lived there for an extensive period of time. But Americans felt that they had the right to take over their land, which is known of Manifest Density. Even though the land belonged to the Native Americans the Europeans came and took over. Nobody even cared about how Native Americans felt, I think they were highly upset about the whole situation. Native Americans were more confused why were they killing such a huge buffalo for its skin and leaving meat to decompose. When Native Americans kill a buffalo it is for survival. Native American were scared to stand up for themselves because, Europeans had stronger and more powerful weapons. On other hand, I believe that settlers felt they had worked to hard to have to get to west, and start new life. The settlers were selfish they didn’t care about Indians or their families. The Mexican War didnt have a solid reason for the war. Texan Annexation, The Boundary Dispute, The California Question, Monetary Claims against Mexico are all events that lead up to Mexican war. The transconitental railroad was made to help development of Western Froniter, railroad was to transport goods from East to West, it was easier and quicker. Without railroad you were limited to number of goods you could recieve. In conclusion , the mid 1800's changed over thousands of lifes. When Europeans decide to move to west to change their lifes. They didn't consider how it would change Native Americans lifes for the worst. Europeans did more than just take over Native Americans land. They took their livelyhood and killed their buffalo which their main prize posession. Manifest Destiny was major probelm for land as well as its people. Alot of changed went on during this time period and changed the America we live in today. -Manifest Destiny
- Transcontinental Railroad
-Mexican War
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