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Louisiana State University

No description

Agassi Student

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Louisiana State University

What is the schools mascot
The schools mascot is ''Mike The Tiger.''
What type of school is LSU
LSU is a four year university.
LSU is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
What is the nickname of LSU
The nickname for LSU is the ''Fighting Tigers or the ''Bayou Bengals.
nick name

Louisiana State University
Morris Core 2
Where is LSU located
What is my major and my minor
My major would be physical education (PE).My minor would be sports medicine.
What is the retention rate for LSU.
What is the graduation rate for LSU
The graduation rate is 69.1%
The retention rate is 66.4%
What is the student population
The population rate for LSU is 31,000 people.
What are the low income demographics of LSU.
The low income demographics of LSU are $44,555 in Louisiana ,and in the US it is $53,657.

What is the teacher student ratio for LSU.
The teacher student ratio is 22:1. 37percent of it's classes have fewer than 20 students.
What are the academic/ athletic scholarship requirements
The athletic scholarship requirements are, evaluation of performance during observational experience,and an A or B in ATRN 2000
Housing in LSU.
Dinning at LSU
At LSU there is dinning on campus for the students
Extracurricular activities at LSU.
At LSU they give you activities to make you make up new ideas, make you aware of your surroundings, and to discover nature.
Athletics at LSU
At LSU they have football, baseball, basketball,volleyball, and tennis.
You live on campus or off campus.
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