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Special Effects

by: Helen Gilliam

Helen Gilliam

on 15 December 2009

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Transcript of Special Effects

Special Effects These are only some of the Special Effects (SE) not all of them. Blue Screen/ Matte Computer Animation By: Helen Gilliam Humanized SE Computerized SE Use of Latex Blue screen is a commonly used SE.
It can be used many ways.

Latex can be used many many ways
Adding fat.
Making monsters.

Creating practically anything else. Rain/Snow/Wind/Fire It takes hours to make snow. You have to blow little pieces of paper around.
When you make fire, you have to have a firefighter on set at all times.
There are thousands of holes in the plastic tubes strung around the set used to make rain.
Wind is very hard to make you have to have ten huge fans blowing at one time. The strong wind makes it hard for the actors to stand sometimes.

Note: The circles on the picture equal where blood bags are. When an actor has to use a blood bag his or her shirt is always tucked in.
My contact was Erik Elvergren from UVA he works on Cavman videos that they show before the home football games. He was very helpful to me. SE have gone from the invention of the camera to computer animation the oldest SE's used dummies the most advanced use computers. For those of you who have seen my prezi and would like to try to make SE of your own prices range from $20.00-1,000,000.00 so if you have one million dollars laying around be my guest. The first movie to use SE was My Dear Mary. In this movie Mary gets beheaded hence SE. Blood bags
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