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Logo's & Symmetry

No description

Aurora Quintana

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Logo's & Symmetry

Audi car logo can have both line or rotational symmetry. In order for it to be rotational it has to do a 180 degree rotation. The Audi Logo stand for the four companies, Wander, Audi, Horch and DKW.
Starbucks has one line of symmetry. Starbucks uses this logo because the logo represents siren a greek mythological creature. it is appealing to the eye.
Red bull is an energy drink. It has line symmetry. They use the logo because it show power, aggressiveness, speed, and risk taking.
BP is a green logo the looks similar to a sun. it has rotational symmetry. BP is short for British Petroleum. the colors started out as red and blue, but green and yellow looked better.
Batman logo has line symmetry. It can be cut in half and look exactly the same. The logo is a bat that is black in a yellow circle. It is the logo because it hides the identity of batman.
Logo's & Symmetry
McDonald logo is the golden m. The logo is supposed to bring a sense of relief , and calm the nerves.
Dodge has line symmetry. They use this logo to show the amount of strength the cars have
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz is rotational symmetry of 120 degrees. The logo is a symbol of dominance over the air, land, and sea.
Target is a rotational symmetry of any degree. The logo is to show that they have a idea on what people are looking for.
Mazda logo has line symmetry. The logo is a symbol of intelligence, harmony and peace.
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