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Conflict Resolution

presentation about conflict resolution/violence prevention

G Wano

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Conflict Resolution

Resolution Conflict Struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, wishes, or external or internal demands Violence an extreme form of aggression, such as assault, rape, or murder CAN, but doesn't ALWAYS lead to Strategy A careful plan or method Resolution the act of solving a problem Gossip Exclusion Verbal Harassment Unwanted Physical Contact
Brainstorm ways to handle the situations described in the following scenarios by:

1. Suggesting 2 reasons WHY the behavior is happening.
2. Suggesting 2 ways to handle the situation so that it DOES NOT result in violence. Strategies: Verbal Harassment:
1. Stay away from the person
2. Speak with an adult

1. Confront the person
2. Write the person a letter or an email

Unwanted Physical contact
1. Stay away from the person
2. Talk to an adult

1. Talk to an adult
2. Find other friends 1. Choose one of four categories below:
Unwanted Physical Contact, or
Verbal Harassment
WRITE OR DRAW a scenario about that category (instead of the scenario being described for you, come up with your own scenario).

Make sure you set up the scene. Tell/show who is involved and how the conflict is arising. Tell/show who feels hurt and why.

2. Describe a strategy that you would actually use to deescalate the conflict in your scenario.

You can write your scenario and your strategy (#1 and #2) to the online discussion board. Wrap Up can help us find a (non-violent) A) Dan, Dwanye, and Jeffrey eat lunch together every day and share most of their classes. Jeffrey invited Dwayne, but not Dan, over to his home to play Battlefield 3. They started playing every day after school. The next few weeks all Jeffrey and Dwayne talked about in school was playing Battlefield 3. B) Michael and Joseph used to hang out after school every day. Joseph joined the wrestling team, and now he has wrestling practice and can’t hang out. In school, Joseph now talks with the other wrestling guys and sits with them at lunch. Michael feels left out. A) In the cafeteria, Jessie told Alisha that she heard some kids talking about events from the Halloween party last weekend. People were saying that at the party Quentin and Alisha made out. Jessie didn’t think it was true, but Quentin has a girlfriend, Nicole, and Jessie was worried that Nicole might hear about it and get upset with Alisha. B) Lisa heard a rumor that Melissa, a freshman, hooked up with one of the senior guys over the weekend. In the hallway, Lisa and Julia are whispering, and Melissa walks by and sees them. Lisa and Julia stop talking as soon as they see Melissa. Melissa thinks people around school are talking about her, and she’s getting upset. A) In math class, Kevin picks on Andrew. He makes fun of his shoes, the shape of his head, and his struggling grades. Kevin says he’s “just playing around,” but Andrew doesn’t think it’s funny. He doesn’t want to make a big deal about it because he doesn’t want to get made fun of more. B) Jones is a good student, always participates in class, and has the highest grades. Jeremiah is a struggling student, and always teases Jones, calling him a teacher’s pet (and other obscenities which will remain nameless), and now other students are starting to do it too. Jones is getting tight with Jeremiah’s constant teasing and wants to confront him after school. A) In the hall, Benjamin surprises Michelle by hugging her from the side. He then puts his arm around her and tries to push her down the hallway towards class. Although Michelle is friends with Benjamin, she doesn’t like Benjamin touching her. She’s played around and pushed him away, but he ignores her and continues doing it. B) Teresa and Dominic are good friends. After Math class one day Dominic playfully puts his arm around Teresa’s shoulders as they walk down the hallway (without asking her if it was OK). Teresa feels awkward by it. She likes him as a friend only, and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings or push him away by telling him not to touch her. Choose 1 scenario below:
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