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Statistics Project:

No description

Jenny Struth

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of Statistics Project:

Task Two
Task Three
Mean: 3.66
To find this, take the sum of all the numbers and divide it by the amount of numbers in the data set. This means people spend, on average, 3.66 hours on social media each day.

Median: 4
To find this, put the numbers in numerical order. Since the number is even, the median is found by the average of the two middle numbers. This means that 4 hours on social media is the middle of the data set.

Range: 5
To find this, subtract the lowest value from the highest value. The range tells you how spread out a data set is.

Standard Deviation: 1.394
To find this, you first need the mean. You would then subtract the mean from the x value, and square that number. Then, find the mean of the squared values. After that, you take the square root of the final mean and that is your standard deviation. Standard deviation is used to determine how close the numbers are to the average. A low standard deviation means that the numbers are very close to the average, and a high deviation would indicate the numbers are not as close to the mean.

Task Five
Task Six
What is the sample?
The sample is 50 people.

Statistics Project:
Task Four
What is the population of interest?
The population of interest is high school students, teenagers, and millennials; these age groups are the generation(s) that grew up with social media, and probably spend a lot of time on it without even realizing.

Task One
How many hours do you spend on social media daily?
How will you gather data for this project?

gathered data for this project through google forms.

What are some predictions for the data you are gathering?
I predict that the majority of people spend 4 hours on social media each day.
I believe that 1 hour will be an outlier, but there probably will not be any
answers over 10 hours.

I was correct in predicting that majority of people spend 4 hours on social media each day. 14 people said they spend 4 hours on social media, which makes 4 hours the mode. I was also right in predicting that no one would answer over 10 hours; the highest amount people said they spent was 6 hours. However, I thought that 1 would be a low outlier because I thought so many people spend very high amounts of time on social media. It turns out that 1 was not a low outlier. I do think my collection is a good representation of my population. People turned out to spend a lot of time on social media, which I expected since we are the generation that got to grow up with new and innovative technology. I think a stem and leaf plot would be the best way to represent my data. Since there is one mode in my data set, having a stem and leaf plot would clearly show that.
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