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Aixa Melián Ortega

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Denmark

Blue Planet

Dinner at the school

The beginning of the trip...
The first flight to Dusseldorf departed from here at 13:10 so we were at the airport at 11.

The national museum

We visited the largest aquarium in Northern Europe - The Blue Planet
We wrote an article with our hosts about our visit in Denmark. Then, someone was going to choose the best one and then they would put it on the newspaper.
We made our own branding of our products with our desing teams.
Some people went with their own host to see the city of Copenhagen - The most famous streets, shops and places.

We went to Roskilde and there we visited the Viking ship Museum and the dome. Also we went to the university
At night we had dinner at RizRaz and they said the winners of the logo and the mascot

We finished our innovation projects and attended to normal classes with danish students
We went to the Orlogs Museum and to Christianshavn

Sunday 25
In 6 big groups we made some questions about filnms, culture, music, food, literature, sports...etc, and at the evening we answered them. There were a variety of points per question
- From 100 to 500 - If you answered the most difficults ones you would get more points.
This museum is all about the history of Copenhagen but there are some shops to buy souvenirs and restaurants too.
At the end of the day, we ate at the high sch0ol, but it wasn't a normal dinner, it was the last time we were all going to be together, so they gave us some free soda drinks and a plate with food.
In the plane, all of us were worried about some presentations, so we started to study there. Unfortunately, we didn't pay attention to it.

We arrived at Dusseldorf at 18:15 and we were really tired. We also discovered that german people aren't so unfriendly.
To say goodbye, the students from Denmark made some games like guess the draws, mime, guess questions...etc. Later we saw a presentation with pictures of all the studients from all the countries during this week and then we left the school
After having a "long" rest, we went into the plane for Copenhagen around 8.
Monday 26
After knowing our host, we had to wake up early in the morning so we were going to meet the rest of the people of the project in the school.
In the morning we presented our high school, and also had lunch at 12. The food was a bit cold, hard and spicy, but any danish felt it.
Monday 26
After having lunch, the danish people decided to make a tour around the high school, and then, around the neighborhood.
At the end of the day we presented the famous presentations, but everything went well and we finished choosing some mascots and logos for the project.
Sunday 25
We were excited about meeting our hosts that night and going to sleep to their respective houses.
First of all...
The teacher and us, we prepared the trip. We booked the flight from 25th January to 31st January. It was:
Tenerife Sur- Dusseldorf: 13:10-18:35
Dusseldorf-Copenhagen: 20:55-22:15
Copenhagen-Dusseldorf: 6:30-7:45
Dusseldorf-Tenerife Sur: 8:35-12:15
The price for each person was almost 500 €. We didn't book any hotel reservation because we were going to stay in our host's house. Also, we changed the currency:from € to danish crowns:
1€-7,3 kr
The day before the trip we were doing all our siutcases, and we were very nervous!!!
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