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No description

Veronica Canfield

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of TKAMB

To Kill A Mockingbird Veronica Canfield Themes True Courage Gender Roles Arthur Boo Radley Symbolism Boo is a symbol of the mockingbird because he does nothing to people and is also a symbol of peoples innocence. The Rabid Dog represents the "Maycomb's Disease". Maycomb's disease is racism. When Atticus shoots the dog, that's a symbol that maybe racism will go away in Maycomb. Atticus shooting the dog. Throughout the book, gender roles pop up quite frequently. Scout is the character mostly affected by the gender role because she does not wear dresses like any other girl and woman would wear. In this scene of the movie, Scout is wearing a dress for the first day of school. Symbolizing gender role and that girls should wear dresses. In the book, Atticus tells Jem and the reader what true courage is about. It's not about how tough you look, it's about how you choose to stand up for yourself showing your true courage. The Rabid Dog Gender Roles Atticus' courage quote on page 149. Boo Radley Impact On Reader Atticus' Impact Atticus' impact on the reader is that
you learn not to judge people so quickly
because of what they look like, like in the
book you were judged so quickly if you're a
colored person and Atticus looks past that. Just like everyone should do in real life.
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