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Idioms describing people

No description

suad rashid

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of Idioms describing people

Idioms describing people
As good as gold.

helpful and well behaved
(used generally for children)

Big-headed. Unyielding
No sympathy.
Positive and negative qualities

Heart of gold.

a very kind and good nature, generous

is an expression that can not be understood from the meaning of its separate words but has a separate meaning of its own.
As hard as nails.
The children were as good a gold today.
Don't try to bargain with Suad. She is as hard as nails.
A nasty piece of work.
He is a nasty piece of work. I'd avoid him if I were you.
Heart's in the right place.
Is a good and kind person even though they do not always seems so.
An awkward costumer.
Ahmed is a bit annoying sometimes but his heart
is in the right place.
Difficult person to deal with.
There is usually at least one awkward
costumer who insist on doing everything according to rule book.
A pain in the nick.
Someone or something that is very annoying. (Difficult)
Setting with babies is always a pain in the nick.
Gets on everyone's nerves.
Idioms based on
Bothering everybody.
She gets on
everyone's nerves
by her bad words
if someone has their head screwed on the right way, they do not do stupid things
Don't worry about Sal, she'll
be all right - she's got her head screwed on the right way.
To have a head for heights
Used to describe someone who isn't
worried about being high up.
To clean the windows in
Dubai, you have to have a good
head for heights.
have a head like a sieve
to be very bad at remembering things
have a good head for figures
have the mental ability to
deal with numbers
Jane has a good head for
figures and should become
an accountant.
To have your head in the clouds.
To be living in a fantasy,
often used to describe people
who are absentminded or impractical.
Anne needs to concentrate
harder, her head is always
in the clouds.
head and shoulders above
somebody /something
someone who thinks that he/she is much better than other similar people or things.
A lazy person.
Bury your head in the sand
To refuse to think about an unpleasant
situation, hoping that it will improve so that you will not have to deal with it.
Parents said bullying was
being ignored, and accused the
headmaster of burying his head
in the sand.
To keep your head
To remain calm and sensible when in awkward, difficult or dangerous situations that might cause a person to panic or go out of control.
# How people relate to the social norm
An odd-ball
a strange person.

Tom is sure an oddball.
He ordered a pineapple
and strawberry milkshake.

Over the top
Outrageously overdone.

The comedy sketch was so
over-the-top that most
of the audience was

Round the bend
Crazy, having lost sanity.
I think this job is sending me
around the bend.
following or favoring an intermediate
position between two extremes

the music they play is pretty
# Idioms for 'people in the classroom'
Teacher's pet
The teacher's favorite student.
On top of the class
Successful, victorious, dominant.
To be a big-head
Someone who believes that they are very clever
or very good at an activity and who thinks that other people should admire them.
a person who acts as though he or she had better knowledge or understanding than anyone else and rejects others' advice or information.
Done by:
Shahad Al-Zakwani
Yara Al-Rawahi

She has a
heart of gold.
if idioms were real
To have your head screwed on.
I've never known
anyone so forgetful -
she's got
a memory like a sieve.
Alice stands head and shoulders above all the rest of the people we interviewed
Hey lazybones, get up
from the sofa and
help me with the dishes!
Can you keep your head at times
of pressure and stress?
Always try to keep your head
when others are panicking.
Sally is the teacher's pet.
She always gets special treatment.
The other students
don't like the teacher's pet.
Mary's on top of the class, she always gets straight A's
Dan is such a big-head,
always reminding us
what fantastic results
he got in his exams.
But all of a sudden, she's
a know-it-all who can
explain everything.
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