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Mountain Project

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hey yo

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Mountain Project

Mountain Native American Project
By Nicole Meyers, Reichen Brenner, Faith Lamb, and Jace Runge
How did the Mountain Indians get to the mountains?
Tools by Reichen Brenner
How did they make tools?

They used a pebble to shape the bones for the tools
They killed animals to get bones and make the tools
They used stone to make the tops of the tools like hammers and shovels and much more

Why did they use these tools?

They used a bone spear for hunting
They used a bone rake for planting plants
They used a war club for war and destroying plants
by Nicole Meyers
animal skin provided the main source of clothing
the women wore a two piece skirt of deerskin,grass,or shredded tule
the skirt had a front piece and a back piece with a cord around the waist
in warm weather the men wore nothing at all!
in cold weather they kept warm by wearing robes made from deer or mountain lion
everyone wore moccasins in cold weather
kids under the age of ten wore no clothing
elder kids dressed like their parents

lot's of Native Americans used bows
They mad bows with strong string and sticks
The Native Americans use this thin rock and put it on the end of the stick and carve it
Each time they kill something with a bow they take off the string of the bow and take the carved rock off and use it till it breaks
they used the Siberian land bridge which is located in Asia
Some troubles were
They used water for growing plants quicker
They drank water
They used water for cleaning stuff
They used water for cooking

Where did they find water?

In lakes
And in streams
Also waterfalls
What was it used for?
by Faith Lamb
the mountains are very cold,rainy, and snowy in the winter
in the summer it gets very hot and dry
in the spring and fall it is warm and moist

Tipis are the same as teepees and tepes
tipis have at lest 1 fire pit and can comfortably fit 5 people
Smoke from the fire pit escapes from hole in the top
they dug a hole and for the roof they covered it in sticks
wigwam or wikup is a shelter that holds 1 room
they are domed by arched poles
longhouses are built out of young trees
many families live in one
fire pits down the middle


Fire was used for torches,camp fires,and cooking

Terrain and Location

the giant sequoia
lupines and zauschneria
quaking aspen tree
narrowleaf cottonwood
rocky mountain maple
wild rose
wax current
boulder raspberry
mountain big sagebrush
common juniper
amblystegium moss

rough and rocky
hard to walk around
located in Washington, California,and Nevada
very hard to travel and trade with neighbors
kayak means "boat"
most famous native american transportation
human power (paddles)
a dug out canoe is just a hollowed out tree trunk
back canoes have a flat back
they are also very narrow
they also walked long distances
by Jace
women gathered leaves, nuts, roots, bulbs, mushrooms, and berries
acorns were the tribes most important resource
acorns were never eaten raw but instead cooked into a hot mush or bread
men hunted deer,elk,antelope,rabbits,ducks,geese,and rodents
fish was another main source of food
men fished for food
some of the fish they ate were perch,lake trout, salmon,steelhead,chubs,and suckers
they ate mussels and turtles as well
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