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New and Digital media - revision and improvement

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 30 April 2018

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Transcript of New and Digital media - revision and improvement

New and Digital media - revision and improvement
AT&T merging with Time Warner
AT&T is an American communications company who provide millions of people with internet and TV on demand.
Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue is going to be a quarterly publication (four times a year). Instead of printing all year round, they are
"Investing in Teen Vogue's digital, video and social content, and creating collectible print editions will better engage our audience where and how they consume our content.”
NMD in the news
2016 was Disneys most profitable year because of hit movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil war and Finding Dory.
Improving our responses
WWW - Good focus on the question
Case studies are clear
NMD and alternative voices
Post election, minorities, women and LGBT people are using social media to make their voices heard.
Horizontal Integration has been very profitable for Disney.
They are planning a merger with TIME WARNER who own HBO, WARNER BROTHERS and CNN.
This will be Vertical integration and could suggest the future of media conglomerates.
Many people are fighting against this as they think it's too much concentrated power.
Media democracy
Clay Shirky - The expansion of the Internet has enabled society to express their views and their personalities more than ever before.
EBI - More use of NDM key terms and theories (use the list)
More media key concept theory - representation/
audience etc
DETAILED examples. The more detail you have in your
case studies the better.
Media Institutions are right to feel threatened by new/digital media. Consider this statement and show how media institutions are reacting to technological developments.
The only way to survive in the digital world is to keep innovating. Do you agree?

Developments in new/digital media mean that audiences can now have access to a greater variety of views and values. To what extent are audiences empowered by these developments?
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