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Yingkai Yang

on 12 November 2011

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Transcript of Wikileaks

What is WikiLeaks? english "leaks": Lecks or Löcher - nothing to do with Wikipedia
- organisation that publishes documents
which are normally secret
- non-commercial
- launche date: 4 October 2006 Slogan:
“We open governments.” Who is The most important people were:
1. Julian Assange
2. Daniel Domscheit-Berg
3. Herbert Snorrason
4. Kristinn Hrafnsson

except of Assange they all left because of conflicts with Assange Most of the other around 1000 people are not regularly working for Wikileaks Money rules the World Wikileaks too? First steps of Wikileaks in 2007 Bradley Manning Publishments in 2009 Publishments in 2010 Cablegate Is this still the old Wikileaks? Publishments in 2008 Corruption in Kenya
Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures Scientology
British National Party
Internet publication of a list of lands with restriktation of the internet and investigation against WikiLeaks Kaupthing Bank (Iceland)
Trash in Ivory Coast
"Feldjäger-Report" Baghdad
"Afghan War Diary"
Loveparade documents
"Iraq War Logs"
Cablegate What did this man do, to deserve the sentence of death? scources 2009-2010 Bradley Manning uses his position in Iraq
Bradley Manning gets arrested
shared the documents "Collateral Murder", "Afghan War Diary", "Iraq War Logs", all in all about 250.000 documents
22 charges Why is it such an importat topic? * Let's have a closer look *
- 23 hours in prison cell
- no news
- no cushion
- cloths took away
- restricted sleep time
-"if a prisioner is assessed to no longer pose a suicide risk by a medical officerthey he should be returned to appropriate quarters"
- he is british His Prison conditions "violate the obligations of the United States to treat detainees humanely" Newest publishments

Gitmo files In 2009 Wikileaks shuts down to remember that they are dependant to donations

Wikileaks cost 600.000 Dollar every year What do you think? The case of Assange The USA thought of accusing Assange with the "Espionage Act" from 1917
because of Assange's fear, all documents Wikileaks, will be released on 2000 internet sites at once, if something happens to Assange
Assange makes a request a residence and work permission in Sweden
Assange gets arrested
December 2010 Assange shows himself to the police
Assange was released on bale
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