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Timothy Murphy

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of MIDI

MIDI messages make electronic instruments sound more

Channel messages
are used to send musical performance information.

Examples are
MIDI Messages
Use of MIDI:
In a Sequencing Suite
Keyboards and other devices (drums, wind, guitar) that are used to trigger musical sounds are called "

MIDI is simply data and does not make any sound by itself.

MIDI controllers need to be connected to a voice bank or
sound module
in order to produce musical tones or sounds.

The MIDI Agreement
The agreement to adopt a standard (and
) technology was made in 1982 and MIDI was born

The first synth to use MIDI was the
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

- Playability continued to evolve but compatibility remained an issue
- Each manufacturer had been defining pitch and timing data
in their own way.
Once Digital technology became available:
1. Roland developed its
Digital Communication Bus
2. Yamaha its
Key Code Interface

Early 1980s
Definition of MIDI
MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface

It is an industry-standard protocol that enables electronic equipment to communicate and synchronize with one another.

MIDI follows the
MIDI 1.0 specification
GM technology

Files can be shared between devices without any
compatibility issues
because MIDI uses the same standard set of controls.
How does it work?
Visionaries like
Dave Smith
began to worry that this lack of compatibility between manufacturers would
restrict people's use
of synthesizers, which would ultimately
inhibit sales growth.

Talk of a
digital communication system thus began circulating in 1981.
Modulation - adds vibrato

Pitchbend - performs glissando

Velocity - adjusts intensity

Sustain - adds sustain
MIDI messages
Standard MIDI File
(SMF) is a file format that provides a
way for sequences to be
, and opened in other systems.

The compact size of these files has led to their
widespread use
in computers,
mobile phone ringtones
and greeting cards. They are intended for
universal use
, and include such information as note values, timing and track names.
Cost: £6000
MIDI Cables
The 5 pin DIN cable was used to connect MIDI
(Deutsches Institut für Normung )

These days, the USB AB cable is used:
Use of MIDI:
Live on Stage
MIDI can be used on stage to connect many keyboards / modules together.

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