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Colonial Dressmaker

No description

Mikah Ivey

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Dressmaker

Colonial Dressmaker
First colonial dressmakers would pick the cloth,
then they would pick out the notions (lace, ribbon trim, ect). After the colonial dressmaker picks out the notions they would lay out the material and cut the fabric in the shape of the garment they are making. When they are done cutting the
fabric they hand-sew everything together this process will take a long time.
I choose dressmaking as my colonial trade because I get to learn more about one of my
favorite hobbies, and I love fashion.
What is a colonial dressmaker
A colonial dressmaker was someone
who was like a seamstress who made dresses for women, and girls. Dressmakers used a needle,
thread, a thimble, a mannequin, and cloth to make dresses.
How were colonial dresses made
Example of modern dresses
I just want to thank Imani Colthirst for helping me fix this prezi and I just want to say that Imani is the most amazing person in the world .
Why I Choose To Be A Dressmaker
Back then there were many type of colonial dresses; there were fancy dresses, and non-fancy dresses. They also came in many sizes,fabrics, and patterns.
Colonial dressmakers used many materials for making their dresses. These materials include cloth, needles, thread, and thimbles.
Thank You for Watching This Prezi
Here is an example of
a fancy colonial dress
colonial Dresses
Welcome to Miss. M Fashion
1. Taylor
I just want to mention I copied Imani and Brock's clipboard idea.
2. Kaylee
3. Gino and Sean
Hot Pink 2 person dress
5. Ms. Buckman
6. Imani
light purple
7. Jackie
dark purple
8. Julia
9. Michael
neon pink
10. Kamalani
Thread was used
for keeping everything together.
A thimble was used for
keeping your finger safe.
Fabric was the main part of the dress.
4. Baran
A thread was inserted into a needle
to connect fabric together. A needle
was very important.
My real name
is Sean Woirhaye.
I even made
sean's batman oufit.
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