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Ooho- The Edible Water Blob

No description

Maha Syed

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Ooho- The Edible Water Blob

By: Maha S. and Tina M.
Ooho-The Edible Water Blob
How it works:
>The container is a blob. The blob gets it's shape by going through the process of spherification (process where liquid is shaped into spheres).

>Brown Algae and Calcium Chloride make the gel substance around it.

> You can expand the size of the blob since the water is frozen when the container of it is being made.
Advantages and Disadvantages
One big Advantage is that you can make these yourself!
-And its really cheap!
-There's not many chemicals used in it.
-You can save the environment!
-Made with all natural materials so it decomposes into the ground!

The packaging still has issues.
-You can't close it once it's open.
- It might look awkward when drinking.
Water Bottle vs.Ooho test!
Ooho fast facts!
Winner of the 2014 Lexus Design Awards!
Developed by Skipping Rocks Lab designers Rodrigo García Gonzalez, Pierre Pasalier, and Guillaume Couche.
What is the Ooho membrane made out of?

How are Ooho water blobs safe for the environment?

Water bottles are bad as we all know, there are many dangers associated with the choice of water bottles.

In class we talked about the aspects of comparing water bottles and tap water.

Many people thought of resorting to reusable water bottles.

Recently the "Fast Company" had created the economically friendly "Ooho" water blob!

Ooho Water Blob
Three Spanish design students came up with the idea of edible water blobs.

These blobs called Ooho cost only 2 cents to make they are hygienic and biodegradable.

Water is located in a double membrane made from brown algae and Calcium Chloride.

It (the blob) basically works like an egg yolk trying to hold in the water.

How to make your own blob!
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