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Writing to a Text is Like Digging Up Artifacts

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Karen Callis

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Writing to a Text is Like Digging Up Artifacts

Writing to a Text is Like Digging Up Artifacts
Step 1: Go to your dig site.
Read the guiding question to determine your topic.
Step 2: Brush off the top layer of sand.
Scan the text for key words related to your topic.
Step 3: Dig a little deeper.
Conduct a close read to search for facts about the key words related to your topic.
Conclusion: Add details to the skeleton so that it looks like a living creature.
Compose an essay from your outline, using compound and complex sentences.

For a virtual dig, go to:

Step 4: Label your specimens.
Write down the facts you found in note form.
Step 5: Clean up your specimens.
Reflect on your facts. Mark out any that are not relevant to your topic.
Step 6: Assemble your skeleton.
Organize your facts in a meaningful way by creating an outline.
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