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Creativity in the Workplace

No description

Rod Corbett

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity? Epstein's Creative competencies Capturing Challenging Broadening Surrounding Preserves new ideas You preserve new ideas as they occur and manage resources and time to aid in the process You subject yourself to difficult task that require performance outside your current level of skill or knowledge. Seeks challenges and Manages Failure Broadens skills and knowledge. You seek training, experience, and knowledge outside your current areas of expertise. Changes physical and social environment You change your physical and social environment on a regular basis. Myths About Creativity It's rare.
Only high IQs have it.
It's in your right brain.
It can't be studied.
It's mysterious. Everyone has roughly equal creative potential.
"Creative" people have special skills.
Anyone can learn these skills.
The creative process can be accelarated and directed. Generativity Theory People need to learn to pay attention to and to preserve their new ideas. Failure is invaluable for creativity, because it causes ideas to compete. Broad training is important for creativity, because it makes diverse ideas available to compete. Properly-designed physical and social environments can stimulate creativity by causing ideas to compete. Robert Epstein Carrying notebooks, voice recoders
Finding the right place and time
The Three B's: Bed, Bath and Bus
Daydreaming and sleep
The hypnogogic state
Anonymous channels. Controlled failure systems
Open-ended problems
Ultimate problems Sign up for training in new fields.
Read, listen and learn outside your area of expertise.
Spend a day a month in a "foriegn territory." Relocating
Scheduled changes
Cross-functional teams.
New magazines, newspaper, journal subscriptions
Intelligent screen savers. http://www.noupe.com/photoshop/45-brilliant-examples-of-photo-manipulation-art.html
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