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Why Does This Job Interest You?

No description

Mylene Louail

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Why Does This Job Interest You?

Thank You!
Why Does This Job Interest You?
It runs in the family:
Dad was a physician in internal medicine in Algeria, mom was a midwife. Now mom is an RN, father works in the hospital.
I have a passion for learning about people and helping others.
I loved volunteering at the hospital as I did it for 3 years. I love the satisfaction of making others happy!
I want to be financially comfortable when I grow up.
Nurse practitioners make almost
equivalent to a doctor, a little less.

Things to look out for
I will need to take an NCLEX exam and a board of nursing exam in order to complete everything.

I will need to finish my upcoming STNA class and complete the Hessey exam.
HOWEVER... It is possible I won't get into the Cstate nursing program. What if?

What Does the Career Entail?
Actually reaching the career is a step by step process.

First: I must get an Associates degree in Nursing at Columbus State after applying to the program.
After the 2.5 years getting an associates...
Next: I will need to take 1 year of online classes at OU to receive a Bachelors.
, if I take some summer classes, I will already have taken all the courses I need. Therefore, I will have my Bachelors.
After my Bachelors...
Then: Comes the process of getting my Masters and Phd in nursing. OU has another program for this in which my employer should pay for. Within a few more years, I should be finished with everything and specialize in an area that interests me.

Overall, I should be completed with everything in roughly 6 years.
(By age 25 I should definitely be a practitioner, fingers crossed)

I have a Plan B.
My plan B is to apply to as many nursing programs as possible, such as OSU, Chamberlain, OU, and Mount Carmel. If I don't get in to any, it will delay the process quite a bit. I will need to spend the next year either bringing up my Gpa or taking more classes that were required in order to get in next time.

Either way, in order to become a nurse; I must get into one of these programs.


I could transfer to OSU and major in biology. If I get my masters in biology, I attain a job that requires a major in biology such as researching assistant, nutritionist, or even pharmaceutical sciences. This is not ideal long term or financially, however, as I want to actively help people and I don't want much debt.
By: Mimi Louail
Mimi's Dream Career
I've always wanted
to be a doctor but I realized I like the human interaction and actually caring for the patients more, rather than just seeing them for
What a Nurse Practitioner Does?
Advanced training in diagnosing & treating illness.
Prescribe medication, treat illness, and administer physical exams.
Focus on prevention of disease, wellness, & education.
Documentation, Patient care activities, Assessment/vitals, medication administration, and care coordination.

*They work with doctors to diagnose patients and they are in charge of the nurses on the floor. They give orders and often work as a doctor when it comes to treating patients.
Passing the NCLEX will be difficult! Only 45% with a Bacheolors degree will pass their first time.
UH OH! Nurse Practitioners are supposed to grow by 34%
From NCLEX takers...
To Nursing expected to grow rapidly...
Nurse Practitioning will have much competition!
There is a dire need for Nurses, as there will be 800,000 open positions for Registered Nurses in 2020. Therefore, there will always be a job available. Even now in 2015, there are many job openings with over 68,000 job openings.
Overall, becoming a nurse practitioner requires a lot of dedication and hard work. These are qualities I have plenty of.
While I am still uncertain of my path, I hope to someday achieve this goal.
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