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2013 Best Practices: Admissions Promotional Marketing

A Gallery of Ideas and Research on Promotional Marketing for Recruiting Prospective College Students

Michael Wolaver

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of 2013 Best Practices: Admissions Promotional Marketing

Best Practice Gallery
Admissions Promotional Marketing

Working to Create Excitement - "Seal the Deal"
Encouraging top students to choose your school and build community
Admitted student mailings
Admitted student days
Scholarship / Recognition days
Engaging with deposited students
Promotional Products WORK
Appreciated Advertising
Presented by Michael Wolaver
Magellan Collegiate Promotions
The Promotional Marketing Navigator for Higher Ed
Our Goal: navigate through 1000's of products to help pull students through the enrollment funnel
Working to Raise Awareness
Nice to meet you!
Promotional Products help build relationships
Professional appearance
Create awareness
Long lasting impressions
DigiClean Review: "Our customers love them. Everything about these was awesome: the printing is beautiful on both the cleaner and the card, they stick like magic, and clean screens very well. They are our favorite promotional giveaway."
Did you know? 81% of promotional items are kept because of usefulness.
Music Download Card
Webkey - plug in and takes user to pre-programmed URL

Event ideas that help drive web traffic
Think of seasonal, fun ways to promote your school: bright shirts, sunglasses, tattoos, visors
Event Awareness
Contest For Campus Tours
Targeting Specific Students
Consider PERSONALIZATION and higher value items to market to your top students
Promotional Products...the only marketing tactic that makes customers say, "Thank you."
Did you know? 47% of recipients keep promotional products for one year or MORE
Create a memory of an event with a promotional item
Community Events
Direct Mail to Admitted
Increase response rates with promotional item
Average response rate is 4.4% (DMA Factbook 2013)
3D mailings receive 250% higher response rate than standard mail
Promo Products #1
When compared to other advertising options, buyers ranked promo items #1 in:
Long term memorability at the cost of single exposure
Flexibility to fit the cost of medium / budget
Ability to build relationship with audience
Audience friendly (not to be viewed as a nuisance)
Ability to generate traffic (events)
Source: PPAI / LSU, Glenrich Business Studies
Promotional Products are...
Best of 2013 Admissions Promotional Marketing
Working to Increase Engagement - Campus Tours
Your goal - Get the students to come to campus.
Our goal - Help make the trip memorable.
Staff Travel bags / cases
Answer school trivia questions at end of tour
Win a higher value, branded item
Drinkware, custom flash drives, texting gloves & more can be used daily, meaning more impressions and exposure to peers
Our difference: higher education focus and expertise
Referral Sources
Stay top of mind with desk / office items
Your Brand + Student's Name
Commonly seen in direct mail and in pURL
NEW capability to imprint a full color logo / design AND individual's name
Now more affordable than ever!
3D mail generates better response
Dry Erase Decal
@michaelwolaver @MagellanPromo_U
New Ideas for Tours
Eco friendly
water bottle
Stylus pen
because one size doesn't fit all...
Email: michaelw@magellancol.com
Step 1. Awareness
Step 2. Engagement
Step 3. Excitement
Promotional Items WORK
Easy to integrate into existing marketing plans / tie to social media
Effective reminder of a campus event or interaction with a school
Engaging, audience friendly advertising
Fit anywhere along enrollment funnel

Additional Enrollment Management Ideas
Banners, tents, table covers
Messenger bag
Promote Social Sharing to Build Community
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