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He is a wood pecker

Chris Shanley

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Woody

Walter Lantz Dinky Doodle Was the first animation that Walter Lantz directed, he also was the animater and even starred in this short film. This was in 1924
He was not always an animater. He started as a car mechanic and got his break when a wealth customer liked one of his art pieces that was on the bulletin board
Born April 27, 1899 He was born to Italian immigrants ----> He is Dinky Doodle Lasted for 2 years Oswald the
Lucky Rabbit Oswald went through several
hands before it ended with Walter Oswald was oringally Disney's but Disney had signed a contract with Universal Walter was working for John R. Brady Studios when he made this Then, Disney left Univeral and Oswald behind Walter was hired by Charles B. Mintz
as a director for Oswald Carl Laemmle, the president of Universal at the time,
did not like what Mintz turned out. Carl fired him. Oswald was moved to the home universal studios Walter was playing cards
with Carl Laemmle and bet him Oswald, he won. After Oswald got old, Walter tried many different cartoons, the only one that stood out was Andy Panda which was produced from 1939 to 1949. Andy Panda was were Woody the Woodpecker first made his appearce. It was in a short named Knock, Knock Andy Panda
Woody The WoodPecker The insperation for Woody came from Walter's
Wife, Grace Stafford. They where on their honeymoon and there was a woodpecker that kept knocking on their roof. At first Woody was voiced by Mel Blanc.
Mel left Walter for Universal, and then Walter's wife started voicing for Woody but they kept Mel's laugh Grace voiced for Woody from 1950 to 1972 This is a early version of Woody in 1941 1944 Woody in 1961 Walter retired in 1972 and
died in 1994 on March 22 Work Cited http://lantz.goldenagecartoons.com/ http://www.davidbrady.com/times/latlantz.html http://www.cartoonresearch.com/lantz.html Walter prefected the Rubber hose animation style
which is when the animations have no "hinges"
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