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Youth Options

The Path to Post-Secondary Opportunities

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Youth Options

The Path to Post-Secondary Opportunities

Essential Information about Youth Options
How to apply for Youth Options
What Happens When I Have Been Approved?
Frequently Asked Questions About Youth Options
You Are Eligible for Youth Options if...
...you are a student in grades 11 and 12, are currently enrolled in a Wisconsin public high school and are on track to graduate (i.e. have room in the schedule while still meeting graduation
Tuition for Youth Options is...
...paid for by the Elmbrook School District if the student successfully completes the course (i.e. does not fail or withdraw)
Youth Options is...
...an opportunity for students to attend a Wisconsin post-secondary institution (or access an online course from UW- Independent Learning) for the purpose of taking one or more courses for high school and college credit.
What institutions are part of the Youth Options Program?
*All University of Wisconsin System
institutions including UW colleges and
*All campuses of the Wisconsin Technical
College System
*All Wisconsin private, nonprofit institutions
of higher education
*All Wisconsin tribally controlled colleges

Mind the deadlines
By March 1 for the fall semester and October 1
for the spring semester, a student must
notify the school board of his or her
intent to participate in the program
by filing an application
Complete the Application
The application is available from your
Youth Options Coordinator in the
guidance office or you can download
and print it from the Department of
Public Education website:

It Looks Like This
Always Apply for More Classes....
than you want. It will offer more choices
when the time comes to register.

A student may not take a class
that was not on his or her application.
The Form Will Be Returned...
to the student once board approval is
granted (or, in some cases, denied).

With the course approval in hand, go
online to the college or technical school
to which you are applying and
begin the registration process.

The process varies for each school.
When Enrolled in the YOP course....
notify your Youth Options Coordinator or
your guidance counselor so that your
YOP course can be added to your
schedule and your high school
schedule can be adjusted to
accommodate your outside course.
Why might a course be denied?
A course which is an 80% match to a class offered at the high school will be denied since the student could take it in high school.
If a student has not "maxed out" the high school courses in that strand, the course may also be denied.
Purchase the Books...
and materials that you will need for your
Save the receipts.
Turn in your books and the receipts to the
Youth Options Coordinator when you
have completed your class(es).
The district will reimburse your expenses.
Whose responsibility are other expenses?
The student and/or the student's family must pay for transportation to and from the class(es) and for the parking expenses; students with special financial circumstances may qualify for transportation aid.
What happens if the student fails the course?
If the student fails the course or withdraws after the individual school's deadline, the district will ask for reimbursement from the student and/or the parent(s) or guardian(s) for the entire amount.
Is there a limit to the number of credits a student may take?
Yes. Students may take a maximum of 18 college credits or 36 technical school credits.
Can a student take a Youth Options course in summer or in the evening?
Evening courses which are offered during the school year (September - June) are allowed but summer school classes are not covered by the YOP provisions.
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