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a middle scool teacher

i always wanted to be one so i would love to studt about it and i love school grading pappers and being in charge

paige goodpaster

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of a middle scool teacher

a middle school teacher is awesome and a smart career #emailing parents and people that are important like there boss a middle school teacher they get get about 4108 the working conditions they work up to 40 hours a week or more # sometimes it could be hot are cold in the building they are in to 56,770 every year money yearly bases!!!!! teachers help educate people in many ways teachers can help you get a god job. with out teachers how would you get a roof over your head because if you want a good job do good in school teacher are important!!! must have a collage degree and a university and you or only if the teachers want a master's degree!!! teachers work in a building or sometimes out side or in some places or you do now tutoring in school and if your home schooled the teachers go to your house the equipment used for a middle school teacher is
computers and a phone and and a perjector a middle school teacher a middle school teacher a middle school teacher a middle school teacher a middle school teacher money yearly bases!!!!!! teachers are important by: paige.goodpaster:) i hope you loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got all this information from
google and career crusing:) 5 things what middle school teachers do daily
# grading papers
#calling parents
#planing today + tomorrow
#putting grades in the grade book
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