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Intro to Skills and Log Jan 2015

No description

Daniela Bultoc

on 23 September 2018

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Transcript of Intro to Skills and Log Jan 2015

UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme
What are researchers expected to develop by the end
of their research?
The Student's view
Career destinations
Transferable skills & the modern researcher
The national skills framework
The UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme
What training and support is available?
What do researchers do?
What is your motivation for doing a

Is the research degree enough to get you that next post?
“Really useful and effective tips for bringing method to the madness of thesis writing.
I wish I'd gone along earlier in my research, rather than waiting till my final year
Career profiles of doctoral graduates
Self-Assessment in the Research Student Log
The national framework
“The product that the PhD student creates is not the thesis but the development of themselves”

(Sir Gareth Roberts, SET for Success, 2002)
The professional development framework to realise the potential of researchers appropriate for a wide range of careers
Enables self-assessment
Generic training
Discipline based training
Project specific training
Training at UCL
directed by the DSDP

provides training in key transferable skills
directed by the division/department
provides training appropriate to the student’s discipline
directed by the student's supervisory team
Doctoral Skills Development Programme
expands transferable skills
mandatory for Research Council funded students
highly recommended to all research students
External Opportunities
Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network

200 events with 700 sessions
1:1 coaching and tutorials
Bespoke careers forums
Collaborative events
Online training
Points system of attendance

2 weeks training = 20 points year

Courses for all years
70% of provision by UCL academics and departments

External consultants

PhD employers
What we offer?
Vitae – national programmes
The CareersGroup London
"Eye-opening and invigorating. A very positive experience, and
the reach of its benefits definitely extend beyond my academic career
to other aspects of my professional and personal life. " 
"The workshop was brilliant, and very effective for me.

I have made giant strides toward planning my PhD
and focusing it"

transferable skills

should be an
important part of the PhD process

Today’s PhD student is the
highly-skilled academic
business researcher
of tomorrow, and will need
interpersonal and management skills
to fill these roles effectively.”

Sir Gareth Roberts “SET for Success” (July 2002)
How we keep students and supervisors informed:
Daniela Bultoc
Doctoral Skills Development Programme Manager
Ext: 30051
Skills Development Weekly Bulletin
Email notifications with bookings & cancellations
Why bother?
For students:
finish on time
career and personal development
For the institution
Quality Assurance Agency
Quality of research in the UK
Develops employability
Boosts economy
Academic writing / Thesis Preparation
Presenting / Publishing Research
Teaching Skills
Professional conduct / Ethics
Data Analysis / Research Techniques
Time management
Entrepreneurship / Management / Innovation
Career Management
Public engagement
IT skills
Online training through Moodle
skills needed for successfully completing the research degree
Original contribution to knowledge

demonstrated through

a written thesis and Viva Voce examination
your plans
Develops world-class researchers
Universal language for communicating
your capabilities and expertise
Research student - RDF reflections:
‘I’ve embraced the RDF because I can see the benefits which it will give me. It may take some time but, it will help you
create a mental map of where you are and where you want to go
By profiling yourself you are in a better position to
have a time line including where you anticipate your milestones to be
and how long it might take you to reach them.’
Things you don't want to know in your early research career
Areas of strength
Areas for development
Final thought
Things you don't want to know in your early research career
Doctoral Skills Development
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