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Music Timeline

No description

Mia Ruiz

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Music Timeline

Music Timeline
Renaissance Era
600-1400 AD
Choral music developed by Christian Church
Folk/Gyspies with fiddles,guitar, ect.
Baroque Era
1400-1650 AD
Expanded musical harmony
Folk dance becomes more popular
Early Bach, organ and hymns
Opera invented
Midieval Era
Bubblegum:Frankie Avalon, Fabian
Surf:The Beach Boys, Americas response to The Beatles
Folk Revival:Bob Dylan, John Baez
Classical Era
Romantic Era
Late 1900's
Early 20th Century
1920's Jazz
1930's & 1940's Jazz
1940's Rythm and Blues
1950's Rock 'n' Roll
Early Country/Western
Doo-wop and Gospel
1959-1963 Rock 'n' Roll
Hieroglyphics of music and early instuments in Mesopotamia/Egypt
Pythagros invented musical scales in Greece
Scales or modes used for different moods and occasions

By: Mia Ruiz &
Handel , Vivaldi, & Bach
Grand, orchestral, religious
Mozart- Opera and Chamber
Haydn- Father of symphony
Back to Greek classicism-lighter and clearer
Bigger orchestra- emotions through music
Beethoven, Wagner, Rossini
Rock and Roll
John Philip Sousa- American patriotic marches
Stephen Foster-Father of American music
Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington
Prohibition era, party music to dance to
Jazz ended in the depression 1929
Swing, trumpets fun to dance to before WW11
Bebop, new direction jazz, not danceable after WW11
Nobody really liked it
Didn't like
He liked the
but wanted to dance to it
Rhythm & Blues
Put guitar in front of an R&B band
Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry
Carter Family, Gene Autrey, Hank Williams
Impact on bluegrass, country, and southern gospel
High and low toned singers and simple beats
The Capris, The Bellmonts, The Coasters
Ragtime-classical training
Blues-untrained and letting our sadness and frustration
Jazz is a mix of the two
Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington
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