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Competitors in Photovoltaic Technology:

An Analysis

Tony Estevis

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Competitors in Photovoltaic Technology:

Competitors in Photovoltaics: An Analysis Costs are decreasing but fluctuate between tech
Efficiency is trending upward but also variable between tech
Environmental effects must be studied further
Dominant PV Technology Mc-Si - Multicrystalline silicon-based *No clear "best"*
As advances are made, more research must be done on all fronts Costs
materials, labor, utilities etc. Photo Voltaic Question: Results Research Criterion Of the 3 dominant PV technologies,
which is the best? How? PV = Solar cells Why? Which technology should I invest in? Most bang for your buck? Which should I choose for my home? Which company should I work for? failing tech = job risk leading tech = job security Efficiency
solar energy -----> electricity Environmental Impact
earth friendly? CIGS - Copper indium gallium di-selenide-based CdTe - Cadmium telluride Costs Efficiency Environmental Impact As of 2012: Highest Efficiency Lowest Efficiency Technical tie - Mc-Si
CIGS @ 20.4% @ 20.3% CdTe @ 18.3% via soldering of circuits main element used in CdTe-based PVs
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