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creating sketchbooks

No description

J Ainsworth

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of creating sketchbooks

Creating personal and 'on topic' sketchbooks c r e a t i n g b e a u t i f u l s k e t c h b o o k s * GCSE ART what is a sketchbook? a sketchbook is a place for creating, developing and refining ideas before producing larger work. It is a place to think. A place to experiment and a place to run and hide from the world.
i like getting lost in my sketchbook * Warning:This is addictive take a dot for a walk.... *Find something in your mind map that
you want to use as a starting point OK, here we go! start by collaging old pieces of
paper to your pages before you begin your coursework is worth 60%
of your GCSE. Your sketchbook is
an important part of this Emily R Yr11 Emily R YR11 Emily R yr11 Emily R yr11 Emily R yr11 Emily R yr11 Emily R yr11 Emily R yr11 Harriet D yr11 Kiran M yr11 Harriet D yr11 Harriet D yr11 Harry C yr11 Harriet D yr11 Naomi C yr11 Hollie R yr11 Jasmine S yr11 Jordie H yr11 Jordie H yr11 Jordie H yr11 Harriet D Amy G yr11 Kiran M yr11 Ellie P yr11 Hollie R yr11 you will need.... sketch book * photos collage materials * * paints
papers * time, imagination, planning mind maps music, chocolate biscuits and lots of tea/coffee * this could be the most important thing on the list.... * * lined paper, brown paper, black paper, luggae tags, crosswords
graph paper, tea stained paper big string, small string, cotton, threads, buttons, nuts and bolts Pritt stick, Pva (for heavier stuff), not that stinky fish glue...but it's pretty good tbh... :) All the pens in the world are not enough!..build yourself a collection...felt tips, fineliners, coloured biros, highlighters, markers, ink pens, fountain pen ink splashed across pages...lovely stuff! red, blue, black...green..take your pick but they do some amazing
things...like this! HB, SB, 4B penils, graphite sticks, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, metallic ones, luminous ones

go crazy.. watercolour wash backgrounds, acrylics, tea stained, coffee painting and splashes, cup rings, poster paints...ink, bleach and salt... some you've taken, things you've ripped out of magazines, things you collect from the web....use them! +patience words
pictures http://stellaimhultberg.com/Sketchbook_set.html * http://designinstruct.com/visual-inspiration/sketchbook-secrets-50-beautiful-sketchbook-scans/ * http://www.davidfullarton.com/ * David Fullarton Trevor Henry Nacho-yague f1x http://designinstruct.com/visual-inspiration/sketchbook-secrets-50-beautiful-sketchbook-scans/ * some weblinks for you.... video on how to create collage backgrounds it doesn't have to be brand new....it could be a collection of sheets
an old paperback, an old photo album or a hand made beautifully stitched book...it's what's in it that counts GCSE Criteria
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