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Is It Time To Say Bye To The Penny

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Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Is It Time To Say Bye To The Penny

Is It Time To Say Bye To The Penny
By: Sydney Hollis and Kailynn Williams
Our Choice...
We want to eliminate the penny because of the evidence that gives more reasons to get rid of the penny than keep the penny.
Reason One
It takes money to make money. About.com proves this by saying, "The cost of making the pennies (1.26 cents each) is higher in the face value, and the melt value of pennies ranges from more than 2.4 for the pre-1982 copper pennies, to nearly a full cent for the zinc pennies."
Reason Two
30% of the people want to get rid of the penny. Everyone personal vote counts and my vote is with these people. Although it is not the majority of the people it should be considered.
Reason 3
The penny is time consuming to make. To get rid of the penny would make the Mint do half the work. "If we stop making pennies in the first place, we save all this associated time and trouble, too."
Reason 4
Abraham Lichlon is still honored on the $5. Some people claim that their favorite president is on the penny, but he is still located on the $5 bill.
Our decision is strongly to eliminate the penny. We have decided this because we have more reasons to get rid of the penny rather than keep it. An example of a reason is, the Mint company uses so much zinc to make every penny in the world. Therefore, I hope now you believe to get rid of the penny instead of keeping it.
All About The Penny
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