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the history of the world according to jasmine

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of the history of the world according to jasmine

When did your family move to the marshall county area?
I moved there in 2014.
What event in the world has the biggest impact on the history of your family?
The 3 of us me Katie Ana are a big impact on my family.
What is the most interesting place in the world that you been to?
Indiana dunes because it was the first place that i have ever seen and touched real sand and seen a big lake before.
What is the farthest you have ever been to why did you go there?
Indiana dunes is the farthest place iv ever been to and we went there because it was my b day.
I was born in trinity medical center moline ,il.
What do you think is the most important event to ever have happened in the world and when were you born.
Woman voting and my birth was in 2005 .
the history of the world according to jasmine
If you could go anywhere were would you go and why would you go there?
Indiana dunes because i can play in the sand all day and play in the water there no sharks so i can have fun.
Who do yo think is the biggest villan of all time and why.
What is the biggest problem facing the world today is it fixable yes or no?
What do you believe is Americas responsibility regarding world problems?
What do you believe is your responsibility regarding world problems ?
What event going on right now in the world do you wish you knew more about?
What event in the history of the world do you know most about?
When you die what you want your legacy to be?
Where were you born?
My sister Katie because shes my sister and sisters are evil .
Who is you biggest hero in the history of the world?
God because he made us and is always there for us when we need him.
Trump is the problem its fixable get a new President .
I believe in cops responsibility.
Help hurt animals get better when there sick or get really bad bones.
New animals they find every day.
Hurt animals.
I want people to know i would be the best horse ride in the world.
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