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Learning and Development Roadmap

No description

Marney Andes

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Learning and Development Roadmap

Learning and Development Roadmap
May 7, 2015


Helping individuals reach their full potential contributes to the business reaching its full potential as well.
By strategically aligning systems, processes, information, and opportunities we can help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace.
Overview of Learning and Development
Initial review
Critical findings
Strategies for 2015
Next steps and decisions
LMS only solves part of the existing online training problem.
INDOC - Day 1 - low impact for new hires.
Inconsistent training documentation (curriculum mapping and assessments)
Managers need access to resources
Current management reporting structure poses challenge for performance review process
Succession Planning needs to reset and focus on identifying talent throughout the organization opposed to focusing on evaluating direct reports only.
Critical Findings
Initial Review
Identified/existing LMS (capabilities, content), RFP scope and submissions
ILT (instructor led training) and eLearning activities
Broad scope "training data points"
Information capture, storage and retrieval
Management knowledge and skills support
Strategies for 2015
Enhance new hire on boarding experience and improve INDOC Day 1 Activities
Create management development program
Deliver purposeful training opportunities
Provide visibility related to performance expectations
Organize succession planning process
Provide visibility related to performance expectations
Management Program
Phase 1 - Onboarding Guide and Checklist
Phase 2 - Resource Center
Phase 3 - Online Content and Virtual Cohorts
Phase 4 - Onsite Leadership Development
Phase 5 - Competency Alignment and Succession Planning
Phase 6 - Succession Development
Actions Steps
Sign contracts and start implementation plan:
cloud-based LMS
online content for managers

Feedback and ideas for INDOC Welcome Lunch
What's feasible with leadership travel schedules?

Identify individuals or combos for specific communication outputs:
Management Program and Expectations
Performance Review and Expectations
Succession Planning
Core Expectations
Guidance - setting and communicating clear goals and objectives

Coaching - supporting and developing
Welcome to Air Methods!

Watch the video for more about our Core Beliefs.

Safe Return
Patient Champion
Fiscal Balance
Accountable to Each Other
One Mission, One Team
Customer Advocates

Then connect with other new hires in the discussion below!
We are excited to have you on board!
Manager's Corner Discussion: This Week's Topic - Performance Management
Management Fundamentals: What is Management?
Manager's Corner Discussion: This Week's Topic - Managing for Results
What change in behavior is desired?
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