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Ryan Christensen

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Life in the West Chapter 16 Introduction The Explorers 16.2 The Explorers Lewis and Clark
Where they went
What they found/discovered
The Explorer's Legacy 16.3 The Californios Junipero Serra brings soldiers and missionaries to California in 1769
Junipero Serra starts missions
Indians and the missions
Mexico gains independence and California
Mexican Californios
Cattle becomes California's most important industry
U.S.A captures California in 1846 16.4 The Mountain Men In 1807 Manual Lisa leads trappers up the Missouri River
What the mountain men did
Mountain men led hard lives and often died young
Decline of the fur trade
What the mountain men discovered/explored A Difficult Start
Pioneers Paradise
Legacy The Californios Mountain Men The Missionaries The Pioneer Women The Mormons The Forty-Niners The Chinese Legacy Zebulon Pike
John C. Fremont
Oregon Trail What they found Native Americans
Rocky Mountains
Pacific Ocean Where They Went Missouri River
Louisiana Territory
Rocky Mountains
Pacific Ocean Lewis and Clark Born
Death William Clark Meriwether Lewis 16.5 The Missionaries 16.6 Pioneer Woman How old were pioneer women?
When they traveled
Hardships Parts of Land Explored by the mountain men. Zebulon Pike John C. Fremont 16.8 The Forty Niners Where are the from?
Legacy 16.7 The Mormons first settlers moving West
settled the Great Basin
created Salt Lake City
formed new farming techniques like irrigation
many of their farming techniques used today
settled in dessert because they thought no one would bother them 16.9 The Chinese By 1852, more than 20,000 Chinese immigrants had crossed the Pacific Ocean to California
In 1852 governor of California praised Chinese immigrants a hard working people
Even though they were treated very poorly, the Chinese people stayed
They brought many of their cultures to us, especially in their food 16.10 Chapter Summary the Lewis and Clark Expedition opened up new trails for settlers moving west
in California Spanish speaking settlers settled down in California missionaries and continued their way of life
in the West mountain men looking for a life of freedom and adventure made their living trapping and trading furs
Missionaries traveled to Oregon to convert indians to Catholicism
many woman pioneers moved west to create a name for themselves; not just being wussies
many Mormon pioneers moved west to Utah to settle the dry arid plains
gold seekers from all over the world came to California for the gold rush
the gold rush also attracted many Orientals to come to California and settle its big cities and help grow a new thriving way of life Blake, Ryan, Logan, Will
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