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Mark Michael

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Politics

Afghanistan society
Saudi Arabian society
Saudi Arabia is a constitutional monarchy. It has a king, cabinet, and parliament. Relations between the US and Saudi Arabia have always been tricky. During Obama's presidency there have been way too many misconceptions.
North Korean society
Canada has a constitutional monarchy as a government. A constitutional monarchy is a government where the king or queen acts as a head of state, and the making of laws is handled by an elected parliament. This makes it so that the ceremonial officials can keep their place even as the government changes. It has 3 levels of government: federal, provincial territorial, and municipal. The federal government is responsible for what happens to the whole of Canada, the provincial government is responsible for things such as highways and healthcare, and the municipal government for things such as protection of the citizens from danger, and the provincial government will take the place if there is not a local government.
Swaziland society
Swaziland has a absolute monarchy for a government. An absolute monarchy is a government where the king or queen has absolute control over the laws that are made and the well being of their people. Swaziland has a similar system of branches to ours: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch is made up of the king, the prime minister, and the cabinet. The legislative branch has the house of assembly and the senate. The judicial branch is made of the western model and laws and the Swaziland customs and laws.
South Korean society
South Korean society has a republic for its government. A republic government has a completely publicly elected government with a president and congress. They also have a executive, legislative, and judicial branch, being a republic. Instead of having a king, though, they have a president. All of the members of each branch is elected by the people.
The United States of America is a republic like some of the other places we have shown. We have a president and the three branches of government. We have one of, if not THE, strongest military in the world. But our economics are not the greatest.
finally over
Canada society
King Mswati III
President Geun Hye
Kim Jung Un
King Abdulla
Hamid Karzi
Afghanistan is a republic just like the US and other countries. It has an Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch, and a Judicial Branch. The name of ther president is Hamid Karzi. We have been in conflict with Afghanistan since October 7, 2001 when we first attacked the Taliban.
EQ: How can we help humans advance their understanding of a working political system?
North Korea has a similar government to the US. They have a dictator instead of a president which is one of the differences from each other. They are one of the worst enemies of the US at this time. They are also very aggressive towards other places such as the southern part of what was originally part of the same country and, of course, the US.
How we can fix it
We can make the political understanding of our species by combining ideas from all of them. We can take the constitutional monarchies idea of a King/Queen as a way to encourage our people to follow under a traditional leader, but a leader which really has no power, making it so that they can't mess up the countries economics. We can take the idea of a part of a branch which keeps the traditions of the people in check to keep them from changing from Swaziland's government. We currently are a republic so there is very little to take from the Southern Koreans. We can also stray from the path the North Koreans, Saudi Arabians, and Afghanistan have followed in their somewhat(or very) dangerous natures.
Big Idea:
Advancement of politics
Team Info
group members: Mark and Michael
Jobs: Mark=information gatherer
Michael= typer and editor
This subject is significant because it affects the whole world in some discreet or significant way. Politics are everywhere, obvious or not. Some places are more or less affected by it. It needs to change and soon, because there is a lot of things in the world that are messed up because of it, from political relations to the amount of money made in the house.
Our challenge is to find a way to fix politics worldwide and do it for the better.
By: Mark
By: Michael
To explore our challenge we looked up how the governments of other places worked and how ours works and took bits and pieces of others and added theirs to ours.
What We Learned:
We learned that politics worldwide have up sides and down sides to them. We also learned that politics are a very boring subject once you get really into it.
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