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Brecht's Gestus

No description

Cara Clifton

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Brecht's Gestus

Bertolt Brecht Influential playwright and practitioner of the 20th century Brecht believed that theatre should comment on social, political and economic issues
The audience should be forced to think about and question these issues
Gestus Brecht's dramatic techniques served to enable the audience to become critical rather than emotional spectators "Gesture plus attitude" What does the word Gestus remind you of? Gesture, body language, movement and voice
playwright and actor's attitude towards the character
social meaning Gestus should be in no way spontaneous
Gestus should be carefully thought out to convey a particular message
Gestus should be exaggerated so the message is clear Learning objective
To create a character using Brecht's dramatic technique Gestus Students will demonstrate an understanding of Brecht’s Gestus through practical exploration and discussion
Students will be able to communicate ideas to an audience through the use of Gestus
Students will be able to experiment with Gestus to create clear characters and communicate a clear meaning What is your response to the character?
What is the social message you want to communicate?
How will you use Gestus to communicate that message?
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