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Earthquakes & volcanoes

No description

ignacio carrizosa

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Earthquakes & volcanoes

Earthquakes & volcanoes
Natural disasters
A natural disaster is a massive loss of people or material because of a natural phenomena (Tsunami, earthquake etc.) As example we can put the tsunami and earthquake of Japan in 2011 which killed 20896 people, 3084 people are disappeared and 6025 were injured.
An earthquake is a sudden shake of the Earth´s crust. This can be a terrible natural disaster if it is very strong and it lasts for a lot of time but there are also very seismic zones in the world where there are little earthquakes. The magnitude of an earthquake is measured in degrees of the Richter scale.
A volcano is a geological structure where magma (melted rock) goes out in form of lava or volcanic ashes. There have been lots of tragedies but for me the Armero tragedy in Colombia is the most shocking. There were 23000 people who died but there was a girl of 13 years called Omaira Sánchez who was buried between the rests of her house. He died in front of the TV cameras.
This can happen in Spain?
We had recently an earthquake in Spain in Lorca, Murcia of 5,1 degrees in Richter´s scale. So it is possible that one day the Teide can erupt or another earthquake so Spain is not so vulnerable to natural disasters like Japan but it can happen the less thought day.
Effects on society
The society can be very impacted because of natural disasters, as we saw in the previous image. There have been cases where people who have been traumatized and have entered in psychiatric hospitals.
What is science doing to
solve this problem?
Science can´t avoid natural disasters but they can create machines to prevent natural disasters so they can evacuate faster so we have less people who die in this type of disasters or no deaths.
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