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Copy of Training course 'Learning about sustainable entrepreneurship via Origami

This prezi is about the Training Course organized by Solidarity Tracks in Lefkas, Greece. It shows the process and results of one seminar about sustainability and entrepreneur education using origami as method.

Solidarity Tracks

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Training course 'Learning about sustainable entrepreneurship via Origami

Generating ideas

Next step was to share our previous personal experience related with the topics: Sustainable development and Entrepreneurship
We established the rules for our seminar
María González
In order to follow our learning and impressions about the development of our training, We had two different evaluation methods:

Then, we shared our hopes, fears and contributions related with the training course

The activities of this Training Course were structured with the aim of achieving these five main objectives
Next to this, participants presented how the education for sustainable development and entrepreneurship is in their countries
Making the scenes

Visit to Lefkas

Educational tool

Daily evaluation
Two experts came to teach us about Sustainable development and Sustainable entrepreneurship
Emmanuel Labithianakis
After the presentations, we had workshops and we reflected about:
‘Importance of the entrepreneurship for society’, ‘Entrepreneurship and development in time of crisis’, ‘Support for entrepreneurship’, ‘Entrepreneurship and integration’ and ‘Where there is a need, lays an opportunity’
Finally, we arrived to the practical part. The participants had to think about the possibilities of Lefkas and define a sustainable entrepreneur project for that area. They had to represent those ideas by a mockup using Origami
It was organized a trip around Lefkas Island. Participants could know better the area and visit sustainable entrepreneurial projects in the villages of: Lefkas, Karia, Eglouvi, Nidri and Vliho
Origami presentation

The exhibition

Back in the working place, the participants shared their ideas for projects. They made groups and decided what idea they will represent
The trainer Mohamed Ali presented the technique of Origami and taught them how to make basic figurines with paper
Divided in groups, they worked to make the miniatures representing their ideas for sustainable entrepreneurship in Lefkas
Once mockups were finished, we had a public exhibition in the Cultural Center of Lefkas where local community could join us and see our results
So first, we had some introduction activities
to know each other better and share experiences
Personal "Youthpass Diary"
Bio gas station
Spa-cultural center 'Sigá Sigá'
Eco hostel 'Pare ta vouna'
Adventures Center 'Pegasus'
Workshop house for tradition 'Babushka Skazala'
Tourism Cluster of Lefkas
'Origanic' Coffee
O'green hotel
'Honey' cooperative collective
Eco market
'Local, healthy, biological'
'Holidays with Jack Sparrow AHOI!'
Lefkada Dolphin
Research Center
These were the twelve scenes about sustainable businesses in Lefkas of our exhibition made by the participants
Expert in Environmental Biology and in Sustainable Development
Expert in entrepreneurship and business management
but... the scenes were not the end...
we wanted to be useful and to share all the knowledge we got. So, we created an educational tool about how to teach sustainable entrepreneurship via Origami in a non formal way
In this visit, they generated ideas about sustainable business by discovering different places in Lefkas.
The exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice Mayor of Lefkas
Once everything was done, the participants had to make the final evaluation
Because of their good job, the participants were rewarded with Youthpass certificate
We draw our portraits
We played some energizer games
Another part of getting each other involves our cultures. We shared traditions of each country in the intercultural evening
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