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ENL101 Class 1: The Wilkens Library and Its Resources

What you should know about the Wilkens Library

Tim Gerolami

on 3 February 2012

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Transcript of ENL101 Class 1: The Wilkens Library and Its Resources

Welcome To the WIlkens Library What we offer:
books, DVDs, online resources and more
help locating and using information
collection tailored to your classes
special sections: Archives, Reference, IMS
To find books, DVDs, and CDs, try the CLAMS catalog If you want to find an article from a periodical, try our Databases With the CLAMS catalog you can
see where items are located and if they are available
request items be delivered from one library to another
check due dates and renew books What Are Periodicals? Why An Article? narrow focus
more in-depth than a textbook, factsheet, encyclopeda, or most websites
academic journals are where scholarly research is published
recent articles are more up to date than other scholarly sources newspapers
journals What makes journals different?
academic, medical, scientific, or trade
authors explain where they got information and how they came to their conclusions
aimed at specialized audience
Online (Free or Subscription based)
Microfilm Databases
most require a subscription
collect, index periodicals, books, radio and television programs, documentaries
must be accessed from our webpage: http://www.capecod.edu/web/library
use your barcode to log in off campus Ask Us! in the Reference office
over the phone-x4343
over email Remember to Take Quiz 1
available ON the LIb101 MOODLE
The Wilkens Library is:
The only academic library on the Cape
A member of the CLAMS library network
What is CLAMS?
The Cape's library network
includes most Cape and islands libraries
also the name of our catalog
Let's try searching the CLAMS catalog: http://www.capecod.edu/web/library
The CLAMS Catalog can locate items in the library's physical collection. To access our online sources, try our databases.
There you will find:
Audio and visual sources
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