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The Crucible Characters

No description

Suzanne Lin

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crucible Characters

The Crucible:
Characters The Putnams Thomas Putnam:
wealthy, influential
enemies with Mr. Nurse
greedy, smart Ann Putnam:
8 children--1 survived
believes they died of supernatural causes Ruth Putnam:
a girl in town
acting strangely... Rev. Parris's
Household The Proctors The Others The Coreys The Nurses Rev. Parris
Salem's minister
disliked by many Abigail Williams
Parris's niece
ex-servant of the Proctors
fired by Elizabeth
smart, wily, vengeful Betty Parris
daughter of Parris
mysteriously unconcious Tituba
Parris's slave from Barbados
knows voodoo John Proctor
local farmer
stern, harsh
had an affair Elizabeth Proctor
very virtuous
loyal Mary Warren
servant to the Proctors
timid, easily influenced Giles Corey
elderly farmer
files a lot of lawsuits Martha Corey
third wife of Corey
likes to read Francis Nurse
wealthy, influential
enemy of Putnam Rebecca Nurse
wise, sensible
held in high regard
11 children, 26 grandchildren John Hale
young minister
expert on witchcraft
called to Salem to examine Betty
critical mind, intelligent Judge Danforth
presides over trials
believes he is doing the right thing Mercy Lewis
friend of Abigail Mrs. Osburn
midwife to Ann Sarah Good
homeless woman
begs for food
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