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Lightstream Protocol:

No description

Jay Dillon

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of Lightstream Protocol:

LightStream Protocol

EyeOasis, LLC.

By Jay Dillon
EyeOasis, LLC.
Video and Audio Training Tools
Stress Reduction
and Emotional Awareness

Physical responses to stress may include a reaction in your immune system.

It may effect your
heart and blood vessels, as well.
Whether or not you become ill depends on how you handle stress.
Also, there may be changes in certain glands secretion in your hormones.

"These are my issues I am dealing with: Fear, anxiety and stress.
I am trying to get back to a place of being happy and getting back my zest for life.

I suffered a heart attack Sept.2012.

The colors I mostly focused on were blue and green.
The blue was very soothing and made me feel calmer.

I did breathing exercises with this color.

The color green made me feel refreshed and happy...

I was focused upon controlling my blood pressure and feeling more positive and happy.

I viewed the colors in the evening in a darkened room.
I preferred to look at natural colors during the day in my backyard.
I see how this device could really help during the winter months."

- M.Vivian August 2013
When one feels overly stressed they aren't usually aware of other feelings and emotions.

These feelings and emotions are untapped resources.

We want to assist you in seeing your inner world of emotions, and use them as your own guides to greater health
(and more Joy).
Upon viewing the various colors we show you, you can get the best use from our protocol by work/play with us.
(We call it PLORKing!)

Make a mental record of your feelings when you view the various colors and hear the sounds.

How you can get the best use
our programs and protocol:

There are many visually exciting images on the internet!
There are many wonderful music selections on the internet, but we, at EyeOasis, want to show you how you can change your perceptions about your Stress.

Through using our visual and audio programs
(that explore your emotional intelligence)
you may access deeper emotional awareness,
which may contribute to the dissolving
of your Stress.

How worry affects the body:

Physical affects like headaches, muscle tension, rapid breathing, etc.
are responses to Stress.

Stress is simply the trigger.
One of the keys to understanding our LightStream Protocol is appreciating the power of colors.

Different colors and sounds can bring up different feelings in you...

How you feel about important events in your past may be influencing how and why you feel stressed in the present.

We guide you through a simple investigation of some of your emotional associations.

Then decide what you want to do with those memories.

Are those feelings around your memories supportive or not supportive for your over all health?
By changing your perceptions of your emotions, a vital link can be made.

By changing how and what you do about stressful thoughts now, in the present, it can lead to your healthier (and more joy filled) future.

We all have had experiences that we wish we had not have had....

But in this present moment, we each also have the opportunity to transform our lives, and reframe the ways we think about them.
These hormones help regulate functions in your body, such as brain
functioning and nerve impulses.

All of these systems interact and are profoundly influenced by your
coping style and your psychological state.

It isn't the Stress that makes you ill...
Rather it is the response, such as excessive worrying and anxiety, that interact in these various systems, that can bring on the physical illness.

There are options and ways to learn how to better cope with stress.
Many people talk about seeing or feeling the Divine in everything...

But if you are fueling your worries and feeding your unsupportive thinking patterns, again and again you probably aren't feeling the Divine in anything...
Ideally when you practice using our LightStream protocol you will have new tools to transform your old thinking patterns into fruitful and beneficial new ones.

At LightStream we want to excite the viewer to actively stimulate all parts of their brain.

Transform your memories and past issues through following your own body's sensorial wisdom.

Focus on what is beautiful to you visually and musically.

From this focus you will create solutions and answers to emotional uneasiness and doubts.

Our body's natural healthy state has answers to many doubts and fears.
Our minds may unconsciously, keep repeating our doubts to us.

Our approach of seeking, through your experiences and your aesthetically preferences, can help redirect attention away from repeating thoughts and help move you towards new creative solutions, personally designed by and for you.
We assist you in rewriting some of your past memories that do not serve you anymore.

By focusing on what pleases you and practicing and disciplining your thoughts, you can find
new ways of rewriting your own personal script.

Your heart felt connections are the prime movers of your emotional evolution. We hope to facilitate greater emotional intelligence and well being in all who use this protocol.

Experience through active "imagining" (the re-scripting and reexamining) of your past, in the present... and the future will take care of itself.
More information on stress can be found on WebMD:
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