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No description

Eshita Rahman

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Robocoaster

Robocoaster Eshita Rahman What it is:
Ride system
Seats attached to robotic arm which swivels and swoops in multiple directions
Arm moves forward along track Uses
Roller coaster that can deliver multiple type rides (different type rides can be selected by passengers depending on which coaster you go to
Not dependent on people to control everything - less chance for accidents to occur
Sound and light affects Who Benefits
Riders - no-less chance of ride getting stuck & practically has unrestricted freedom of motion
Theme parks - no need to build numerous different roller coasters since it has multiple types of rides to choose from in settings Disadvantages:
Nausea (no matter what setting you choose)
Light affects can cause seizures
Average 60 passengers per hour whereas normal roller coasters typically have 80 or above passengers per hour Fun Facts
Often contains 3D or 4D affects on ride Fun Facts
Automated Operation
5 selectable ride profiles
Fully electrical Forbidden Journey ride from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL (has 3D effects) Knight's Tournament Robocoaster from Legoland in California Work Cited
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1st picture: www.robocoaster.com
Harry Potter ride: /outpostusa.org
Knight’s Tournament Picture: /themeparks.about.com
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