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hanin nammari

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of REPORT

Current Status
The recognition of Palestine as
an observer non-member state
by the UN General Assembly in November, 2012.
PNA and UN-Habitat joint work,
and the role of the Israeli occupation in curtailing the implantation of the outcome.
The israeli occupation
and its impact on the ability of the PNA to develop and implement long-term plans and strategies to address the goals of adequate shelter for all.
Oslo agreement:

the division of areas into A, B and C and the lack of authority for PNA in Jerusalem.
Planning for the Future
Sovereign Palestinian state:
Should address the
separated Palestinian areas
where the Israeli Occupation has kept the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem physically and socially separated.
Also it should tackle
the uneven urbanization
within each locality and the integration of different regions that have experienced different forms of urbanization.
Two alternative scenarios for sovereign Palestinian state:
1- A sovereign, independent, viable state of Palestine.
2- A condition in which the Israeli occupation is ongoing
Urban Agenda Sectors
Urban Demographic
Population Density and Urbanization
Atypical urbanization.

Rural communities have been
urbanized while still maintaining much of rural character.
due to the lack of connectivity - Area C.
Refugee Camps
the high unemployment rates
Future Priorities
Development of Area B
relieve some of the pressure on the metropolitan area
Address the administrative gap between
UNRWA and the PNA
Access of people of Gaza
to other Palestinian land and
access to Jerusalem
for the residents of both the WB and GS
Land registration
is woefully low and lack of authority to register land in Area C
Spatial Planning
Land Management
Local Development Planning
Achievements in the development of plans, strategies and policies.
Yet the implementation is sorely lacking
Land and Urban Planning
Future Priorities
Full registration of land
Completion of National Spatial Plan
Urban and spatial planning training

Local Universities
Unconventional solutions for roads and transport issues
Environment and Urbanization
Environment and Climate Change
Risk Reduction
Pollution and Traffic Reduction
photo credit: Stephen R. Sizer
Future Priorities
Environment and Climate Change

National planning

Sustainable development
Implementation of plans that already have been developed
Encourage "Green" Building and promote the creation of protection of green spaces for Palestinian cities
Urban Governance and Legislation
Law-promulgating body
is a serious challenge for both updating legislation and the state's governance and legislative sector.
Lack of overhaul of
the current legislation
Financial Shortfalls
Safety and Security

Social Inclusion and Equity
Future Priorities
Updating and promulgating new legislation
Identifying and institutionalizing the roles of MoLG and LGUs
The planning and development-related regulation and laws
Urban Economy
Economic development
on a national level is largely restricted
Israeli government and Oslo Agreement
Lack of economic planning and assessment
on a regional and local level
No control over the
natural resources
, and lack of access to
Area C
Economic development is almost non-existent in the Gaza Strip
because of the siege

Development is restricted by outdated legislation regulating
business creation
and construction
The construction of the Annexation Wall have decimated
the agricultural sector.
Future Priorities
The Siege on
the Gaza strip
and destruction of its infrastructure must end
Access to
Area C
for development and economic growth
Collection of
tax revenue

municipal governments
Job creation
must be priority

Control over
East Jerusalem
and unfettered transportation system
National economic development plan
Housing and Basic Services
Access to Adequate Housing
UN-Habitat definition,
Adequate housing
in Palestine is very low.
Area C Demolition
Palestinian communities face limited water
East Jerusalem
Intentionally restricting demographic growth by withholding housing permits
The Gaza Strip
No security or legal protection against
home demolitions
or forced Evacuation
Residents are cut-off from
health-care facilities
Real access to
safe drinking water and reliable electricity
are not represented by the connectivity rate.
Refugee Camps
Housing is largely inadequate, overcrowding and lack of choice in housing.
Future Priorities
Implementation of policies laid out by MoPWH in the Draft
National Housing Policy.
Enable adequate and affordable housing for all citizens
New sustainable growth model for Human settlements.
Improve the housing finance market.
Develop the local construction sector and introduce new building typologies.
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