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How to create a bulletin board for your community

Mary Schletzbaum

on 4 August 2011

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The Secrets Behind a Stellar Bulletin Board COLOR THEMES pictures text options Use legible text ENLARGED and BOLDED words help important items stand out Different sizes keep it interesting Make it INTERACTIVE attach markers for people to add their own thoughts use flaps and folds to hide info and leave people curious to know more. Opnion polls and provocative questions get people thinking SIZING THE BOARD Snip overhang after paper is attached Write down measurements for future use Clean edges creates a professional appearance... ...and that's the best way to finish your board after all your hard work. What does your community need to know? Semester-long Themes Monthly Calendars Seasonal How can you make the board interesting Health 101 Tips for College Life Happenings on Campus Global Awareness Kristen's use of October to expand on interesting and fun info Flaps reveal more info and make people stop to read board Bulletin board used early in the first semester. booor-ing... beeee-u-tiful! example- "You're Drinking WHAT?"

Imagine: black and white vs. color example- "The Scary Truth About Alcohol"
A Halloween themed Health 101 board References: Rebecca Mary Jordan
make it resourceful, informational, or fun! Is this Annie Hart's twin??
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