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Cultures&Lifetstyles of East Asia and SouthEast Asia.

Based on east asia and south east asia's culture and lifestyles, the way they live, and religions.

Collin McNamara

on 5 November 2010

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Transcript of Cultures&Lifetstyles of East Asia and SouthEast Asia.

Culture & Life-styles Collin, B. McNamara Adrian, R. Menendez Kelsey, M. Kuehn John, M. Sump The End!! Population Growth Since the chinese population was rapidly growing, the government(in 1979) created a policy saying all families
may only have on child. In 2005 China's population passed 1.3 billion!! East&SouthEast Asia aslo have been seen the population increase by high birth rates. Japan, South Korea, and Tawain are countries seen shrinking. These countries are said to
have fewer people by 2050! Where People Live In East Asia most of the people crowd together
in river valleys, basins, and costal plains. China has so many people that there are 1,000
people per square mile. Few people live in East Asia's interior which is mountainous and
has little vegitation. About 60% of indonesia's people live on java, although the island is only
7% land area. Migrations Almost 60% of the people in East and SouthEast Asi live in rural areas.
The cities here include skyscrapers and busy streets. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Yokahama are cities that form megalopolis-
(supersized urban area). The combined total of the population equals 50
million people. 1975-1990, thousands of people left Vietnam and Laos to escape war and economic
hardship. Many emigrants left for United States. Ethnic Groups Within the East Asia country, people tend to be ethnically similiar. Japan's population is about 99% ethinc & they speak Japanese. The han ethnic group in China makes up about 92% of the population.
The other 8% belongs to almost 55 different ethnic groups. Southeast Asia has more ethnic diversity than East Asia! Religions The Arts Daily Life THE END :)(: b <(")
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